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Personalized “bulk” email refers to email campaigns you’ve customized to suit the interests of different audience segments, even though those segments still contain a lot of contacts.

By breaking your subscriber list up into different groups, you can create unique email campaigns that deliver the exact blog content, promotions, and information your subscribers crave. You can also use merge tags to include every subscriber’s real name in the subject line and body copy of your email campaigns.

Personalization is the missing puzzle piece for engaging and retaining your customers. In fact, 67% of customers expect brands to offer personalized content based on the data they’ve collected. Moreover, 42% will get frustrated or annoyed if brands don’t provide personalized content.

67% of customers expect brands to provide them with personalized content.

How to send personalized bulk emails

First, you’ll need to choose an email service provider that allows you to break up your subscriber list into multiple groups. Using data you’ve collected, you can segment your audience based on many factors such as the following.

  • Geographic location
  • Open and click-through engagement
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Devices used

Many email service providers such as Campaign Monitor make it easy to browse your subscriber categories and create unique segments based on different types of data.

how to send personalized bulk emails

After you’ve created different lists, head over to your campaign builder to edit custom templates for each segment. Choose unique graphics, subject lines, and content that you think will resonate well with each segment of your audience.

Dynamic content

One way to cut down on time and additional copy is to use dynamic content. This type of content in an email personalizes a section of that campaign based on the segment the recipient is in. Metrics are tracked at a campaign level, yet different text or images are delivered based on the recipient’s segment, so you can see how the same type of message performed for various segments.

Take this example, where the header image and copy is altered slightly based on male versus female recipients.

personalized dynamic content

Personalized journeys

You can also develop automated customer journeys to personalize the experience. For instance, a new subscriber may receive a welcome email from your staff along with a request about the types of content they’d like to see from you. Not only does this help you build trust with readers, but it also helps you save data for further personalization.

A screenshot that shows how to use automation to personalize bulk emails

How to measure your personalized bulk email results

Log into your email service provider’s dashboard and click on individual campaigns to track your results. Check out open rates and click-through rates. If you use dynamic content, you can track which segments respond stronger to messages, and take personalizing to the next level.

Campaign Monitor integrates well with plenty of other platforms like Salesforce, WordPress, Facebook, Shopify, and many more. This gives marketers ultimate control over their metrics and data so they can tweak their personalized bulk email strategies accordingly.

Does it really matter?

Understanding how to send personalized “bulk” emails is crucial for providing your subscribers with relevant, useful, and interesting content. By personalizing your campaigns for individual subscribers or groups of subscribers, you can improve your engagement and conversion rates. According to our original research, personalization can result in a 760% increase in revenue.

Email campaign personalization can boost revenue by 760%.

Personalized email is also ideal for various types of A/B testing. Run new content and strategies past your most engaged subscribers first before sponsoring a Facebook post or sending out the campaign to a larger audience. If your content does well with your biggest fans, it’s probably a safe bet to share elsewhere.

What now?

Now that you understand how to send personalized emails as well as their importance, you can provide your readers with content they can’t wait to open.

Are you ready to offer your subscribers personalized content or even automated campaigns? Check out some of the advanced features Campaign Monitor offers for serious marketers.

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