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Mad Paws is Australia’s humanized solution to modern-day pet care. Connecting fur parents with certified, trustworthy sitters, Mad Paws provides a kennel-free staycation experience that pets—and owners—can wag about.

Successfully maintaining relationships with customers and prospects, Mad Paws utilizes Campaign Monitor to send personalized, relevant emails that engage and convert.

This is an image featuring a woman and a dog, from Mad Paws marketing efforts. This is part of the Campaign Monitor MadPaws customer story.

From startup to Australia’s finest

Fresh out of university and searching for his next endeavor, Australian native Alexis Soulopoulos began dog sitting for friends on holiday. It wasn’t long before Alexis recognized the legitimate business opportunity that existed at the core of this petcare side-hustle.

With some elbow grease and a little brand exposure, that small seed swiftly blossomed into Australia’s number-one pet services marketplace, currently hosting 300,000 registered pets and 20,000 pet sitters nationwide.

When bandwidth gets tight, email marketing kicks in.

Operating with simplicity as its backbone, Mad Paws set out to build a community of pet lovers all working together to create a more fluid pet ownership experience.

Like any startup, the business was doing the most with the resources it had, surviving on manual work and hands-on processes until they finally reached the capacity of their manpower.

Recognizing their lack of bandwidth, meanwhile also understanding that the maintenance of any community requires a streamlined communication platform, Mad Paws reached out to their fellow Aussie partner, Campaign Monitor.

With the power of email marketing, Mad Paws was poised to take the pet-lover community to new heights. The quick transition to the Campaign Monitor platform simplified communication efforts and opened up space for Mad Paws to focus their resources on growth and overall business strategy.

This image is from the Campaign Monitor Mad Paws customer story. The image features a woman and a dog, as part of MadPaws' marketing and MadPaws' email.

How Mad Paws is finding success with Campaign Monitor

Taking advantage of Campaign Monitor’s easy-to-use platform, Mad Paws is discovering ways to engage with pet owners and sitters like never before.


Campaign Monitor’s visual journey builder and marketing automation tools keep audiences engaged—pure and simple. In the Mad Paws world, this means leaning on journeys to save time, while simultaneously sending relevant emails that drive massive engagement.

These automations cover welcome and educational series for both pet owners as well as pet sitters. Not to mention, it’s an awesome way to stay on top of quality customer service and top-notch communications.

Automation campaign examples from Mad Paws email marketing. This is part of the MadPaws customer story from Campaign Monitor. MadPaws is an Australian pet brand.

In the Mad Paws automation shown above, subscribers are placed on journeys specific to the segments they fall under. This journey separates the “Owners – All Pets” from the “Owners – All Pets Except Puppies”, ensuring that subscribers are receiving unique and automated emails that are relevant to their specific needs and interests.

Mad Paws also uses automated journeys to reconnect with old friends—AKA the quiet or unengaged subscribers. The example below shows an automated lead nurture with a goal to encourage pet owners to schedule their first stay.

Automated email from Mad Paws to their leads with invitation to get their first stay booked


Re-engagement campaigns can revive inactive subscribers—and for Mad Paws, this means rekindling the relationship with customers or prospects using interactive content and fresh offers from their brand.

Holiday promotion email from Mad Paws with headline "This Easter, keep them happy while you're away!"

Carrying on strong with email marketing

With the help of email marketing, Mad Paws creates a personalized, interactive experience for pet owners and sitters, where a large petcare community is connected like a family.

Incorporating the Campaign Monitor platform into their email strategy, Mad Paws is widening their bandwidth, giving them the opportunity to dial in on what every successful startup should be focusing on—their deserved and exponential growth.

Mad Paws connects fur parents with certified, trustworthy sitters in their desired area. From hosting pets and house sitting, to animal daycare, training, walking, and grooming, Mad Paws has a service to meet all of your pet care needs.

Looking to use the Mad Paws pet care services or become a sitter yourself? Signing up is simple.

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