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I sent out the Campaign Monitor newsletter to 30,000 or so of our customers and subscribers last night, which you can check out here. Before I send each newsletter, I normally run it through most of the popular email clients to make sure it still looks fine, plus forward it around to a few members of the team for a good old proofread.

Yesterday was a busy one, with the launch of our t-shirt store and some pretty big feature updates happening behind the scenes. By the time the newsletter was good to go, I was the only one left in the office. Wanting to get the newsletter out, I worked through my standard tests, gave it another quick read, got over the famous send button anxiety and sent it out.

It took a good 3 minutes after the newsletter was sent before the first email came in. I tell you, send button anxiety is nothing compared to knowing you’ve just sent an email with the word “ass” in it to all your customers. I’ve already received 40 or so hilarious emails from you guys – here are some favorites so far…

That’s been making me laugh all morning. Perhaps in your next newsletter you could explain how we can learn to ass our content.

That’s the funniest typo i’ve seen in awhile! Thanks for lightening up my morning!

Can someone over there show me how to “ass” content?

“Just tweak the colors, ass your content and your all set.” Reason #89234 why spell-check is never enough ;)

So why am I rubbing this in my own face? Just a friendly reminder from the Campaign Monitor team about making sure you proof-read every newsletter you send. Not everyone needs to learn the hard way.

  • Damien Buckley

    Thats awesome – I didnt even notice it – probably a symptom of the BIG night we had last night – some of our clients cleaned up at the Redlands Tourism Awards, lol. Classic Greiner that one.

  • Hamish Stevenson

    “ass your content and your all set”

    Funny thing is, I assumed ‘assing your content’ was some in-house Aussie joke that I missed completely. All I could see was how you spelt “your” instead of “you’re”.


    Loving your work as always David!

  • Eoin Dubsky

    Yeh, the second typo reminded me of that t-shirt you can buy on boingboing.net or somewhere like that: “YOUR STUPID”. :-)

    We’ve all done it before. Thanks for sharing those funny responses with us!

  • Nick

    I think assing content is something our clients do after we turn a Web site over to them.

  • Chris In Cincinnati

    This reminds me of my favorite coping phrase, “There are no mistakes, only learning experiences.”

    It’s let me go on with my day (and life) a lot more stress free after some truly great ‘learning experiences.’

  • Kelly

    Oh that’s gold!

    The good news is – you’ll probably never make that mistake again! :)

  • Joel Pinkham

    The thing that interests me about this, is the responses you received. For some kind of consumer product it might work wonders to plan a typo.

    I got an email once from a small brewery in NZ and there was a typo with a “been” replaced as “beer”. It gave me a laugh, and I emailed back saying I loved it. If anything it gave me a better view of the brand – like a blog, it gave transparency to the brand.

  • DJ Waldow

    Classic. Send Button Anxiety. I suffer from it as well. Is there a support group out there?

  • Beth

    I am having problems where the email address is being irratic. It capaitalizes letters within my email address. When that happens no one can get through. Has anyone had probelms with this issue?

  • Dave Greiner

    Sorry Beth, but I haven’t heard of that one before. If this is a specific problem you’ve encountered with CM, fire an email to our support team and we’ll be able to help you out immediately.

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