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2022, another eventful year. We navigated our way through new challenges and new marketing trends that continue to keep us on our toes. But with all this “new,” we still made sure we evolved our strategies to stand out and connect with our audience.

This year has brought a renewed focus on nurturing existing customer relationships, by establishing trust, creating lasting impressions and providing value, all in the pursuit of true connection. We believe that connecting with our customers is how we measure success – so this trend, for us, is one that will go well into 2023 and beyond.

We’re proud to say our platform and our customers have conquered this new landscape to successfully connect and convert audiences like never before. But, before we close out on a fruitful 2022, let’s take a moment to look back and recognize the achievements and milestones we’ve accomplished.


Together, we made an impression

This year, Campaign Monitor customers used our platform to send more emails than ever before – 31,985,621,168 to be exact, that were opened up in 248 countries across the world*. That’s some serious reach!

And, you designed 491,373 email templates that made sure you stood out in the inbox.


You embraced technology and leveled up your email marketing game

You harnessed the power of email, A/B testing 140,663 campaigns and setting up 41,382 automated journeys. Think of all the additional engagement and conversion you drove!

Our new product releases made it easier for you to create impactful campaigns

2022 featured some of our most exciting releases to date. We debuted 26 new features that focused on giving you a smarter, faster and of course simpler way to create impactful campaigns that take your marketing to the next level.


Our biggest and most exciting release for 2022 was the launch of Campaign Monitor SMS – which is now available to contracted customers sending SMS to the USA, UK, Australia and Canada, with expanded availability coming in 2023 (watch this space)!

Our monumental SMS launch now gives our customers access to one of the most powerful and effective marketing channels, so they can connect and convert like never before:

  • The same intuitive campaign creation interface as email, so you’ll find it easy to get your SMS campaigns up and running fast.
  • Increase the speed of return on your marketing investment by encouraging immediate actionfrom your subscribers.
  • Seamlessly capture SMS permissions so you can grow your list, boost sales and drive urgency with additional touch points.

But we didn’t stop there. Here are the some of the other feature highlights:

Check out all our product enhancements from 2022, here: What’s New in Campaign Monitor.

You can rely on us

We supported you with a 99.51% delivery rate for all email campaigns sent. And with 99.98% app availability, your experience was seamless with minimal interruptions.


Our crew had your back every step of the way

When you needed support, you loved that we have a dedicated support team, with real technical expertise – and we know this because 90% of you were satisfied with how our team resolved your requests.

We keep you ahead of the curve with best practices

We love creating content to support you in product best practice and help you navigate marketing industry shifts and trends. We look forward to bringing you even more content and connecting as a community through events in 2023, but for now let’s check out some highlights from 2022.

  • SMS Best Practices Resources Hub: Our team has done a ton of research on SMS best practices (so you don’t need to).
  • Email Academy: Preference Center best practices: We added a new online email marketing course to our Email Academy family
  • Signals22: our virtual relationship marketing event, hosted by Marigold, brought you 30 presentations over 4 days mapped to the 4 stages of relationship marketing – Acquire, Engage, Personalize and Retain. Watch the sessions on-demand.
  • Deliverability Q&A: We know how important deliverability is to you, so we sat down with our in-house deliverability expert, John Peters, to help you maximize inbox placement and engagement during the busiest time of the year.
  • We released over 20 new stylish email templates that help you drive interest and engagement in your email programs. Find them under the ‘latest category’ in the email builder.


And together, we reached new heights

It’s because of our partnership with you that we received industry recognition. Here are a couple of awards we’re proud of;

As a part of the Marigold family, we are extremely proud and honored to be recognized as a 2022 TrustRadius Tech Cares recipient. This award is a true testament to the entire Marigold working towards a more inclusive and responsible business.

Marigold was also selected as one of the hottest marketing tech companies of 2022 by Business Insider and “Best Overall MarTech Company” for the third consecutive year by MarTech Breakthrough Awards.

But it wouldn’t have been possible without you

We’re proud to be a partner who can grow alongside the changing marketing landscape and help you seamlessly connect with your audience, no matter what challenges arise. Whether those changes are the way we consume information, changes to legislation and policies, or even changes to marketing strategies in the current economic climate – we’re always ready to adapt and pivot. Campaign Monitor’s coming Consumer Trends Index will forecast some of these changes expected throughout 2023, so you can confidently navigate the new year (stay tuned for more!).

Every year, we can’t imagine being more inspired than we already are by the marketers who creatively use Campaign Monitor to connect with their customers. But here we are, wrapping up 2022, feeling even more inspired than ever. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings – and we look forward to being a part of your journey in 2023.

*Using Country Codes as the measure ISO3166

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