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Brands around the world gravitate towards email marketing for its ease of use and impressive ROI. Although email has been around for a long time, the results continue to speak for themselves, often exceeding expectations.

An astounding 79% of marketers say their email performance is improving, which means more marketers are now able to drive brand awareness and make more sales using email, according to a report from Ascend2.

At Campaign Monitor, we’re happy to be part of the evolving email marketing landscape. More than 200,000 companies worldwide trust our platform to send engaging emails that customers can’t ignore.

Just like the savviest marketer, we’re always looking ahead. We want to make sure you have the best tools at your disposal to create top-notch emails.

Whether you’ve used our platform for years or are considering joining up, here’s a look at some of the great things you can do with Campaign Monitor:

1. Use behavioral email marketing for specific targeting

Let’s say a customer looks at a specific product on your website. With behavioral email marketing, you can send that customer an email that showcases the product they were interested in as a follow-up to their online shopping session.

You can use one of Campaign Monitor’s newest integrations, Tagga, to achieve this kind of specific targeting. Tagga is a customer data platform that helps you create detailed customer personas, which you can then use to segment your messages.

When you’re ready to send an email, you can set up behavioral triggers that automatically deliver an email, or a series of emails, to subscribers when certain criteria is met. So, when a subscriber browses your website, that action serves a trigger, and an automated email is then delivered to that subscriber.

For example, Jaybird, which sells top-tier headphones, uses behavioral triggers when a customer makes a purchase. The purchase triggers a thank you email. Two days later, a coupon is sent to that customer.

Jaybird behavioral triggers

2. Send messages based on subscribers’ time zones

When are you sending emails? It’s such an important component of a campaign that you can find dozens of studies online about the best time and day of the week to send emails.

Experian, for example, offers research that shows subscribers are quite active at night. The research suggests that sending an email between 8pm-12am will result in the best response rates.

Time zone sending - time of day chart

If you follow Experian’s guidance and send an email at 8pm from your home in Boston, you have to keep in mind that for subscribers in Tokyo, Japan its 9am. Time zones play a major factor in email marketing.

But fear not. Campaign Monitor customers can send emails based on the time zone a subscriber lives in. That means the email that’s sent from Boston at 7pm, will arrive in everyone’s inboxes at 7pm – no matter what their time zone.

All you have to do is set the time you want your email delivered and Campaign Monitor will handle the rest.

3. Perfect your timing with send time optimization

Finding the best time to send an email is tricky. You can use research as a guide or review your own metrics to narrow down optimum send times, but it likely differs from subscriber to subscriber.

John Williams, a busy ad executive, might open most of his email’s at the start of his day while Donna Smith, an exercise consultant, prefers to check her email at night. What if you could send emails to both John and Donna when they’re most likely to open it? Now you can.

Campaign Monitor offers send time optimization, which reviews your engagement rates and sends emails to subscribers when it’s best for them. Cool, right?

You might be thinking time zone sending and send time optimization are fairly similar, but both have specific uses. Use time zone sending when your message is timely, and use send time optimization when the message has more flexibility and can be delivered any time. An email about a flash sale, for example, is best for time zone sending while a monthly newsletter can be delivered using send time optimization.

4. Create flexible preheader text

Preheaders are a marketer’s best friend. This small line of text, which typically follows the subject line in a subscriber’s inbox, has become quite valuable real estate.

As inboxes become more cluttered, brands have to work harder to get noticed. The preheader text gives brands that ability. By adding a short sentence behind the subject line, open rates can increase as much as 30%, according to MarketingExperiments.

With Campaign Monitor, you get more control over your preheader. You can decide whether to show it as follow-up text to your subject line as it usually is, or you can add it to the body of your email as well. It’s your choice. We call it a flexible preheader.

Adding the preheader to the body of your email is especially helpful for mobile customers, who will see the preheader text appear like this:

Converse Flexible preheader

5. Manage your inbox and spam testing

After taking time to create an email, you want it to look great and land in a subscriber’s inbox.

Campaign Monitor has improved its inbox preview to make sure your emails look top-notch and are ready for spam-free delivery.

After creating an email, you can preview it. We give customers the ability to see their email on the latest email clients, operating systems, browsers, and devices.

After previewing your email, check to see if it has passed or failed the provided spam test. If the email has passed, your email is ready for safe landing in the inbox.

Our inbox preview and spam testing features are now more reliable than ever. It’s just our way of helping customers deliver killer emails easily.

Wrap up

Campaign Monitor is proud to work with some of the most innovative brands out there. To continue to earn your loyalty, we’ll continue to improve our product to make sure you can send beautiful emails that customers crave.

Want to see what else Campaign Monitor can do? Schedule a live demo today.

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