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You work hard to drive traffic to your website.

Between the time you’ve spent creating your site and the money you’ve spent on your marketing efforts, you’ve invested a lot in gaining new customers.

The last thing you want is for someone to visit your site and leave before they convert.

That’s why you need exit intent pop-ups: Exit intent popups can boost site retention and increase your conversions.

Read on to discover why you need exit intent pop-ups, tips for creating them, plus 60 exit intent pop-up examples that work.

How exit intent pop-ups boost site retention

These pop-ups are quite powerful thing in the digital marketing world.

Consider how pop-ups impact your conversions:

  • While the average conversion rate for pop-ups is 3.09%, the top pop-ups have almost 10% conversion rates.
  • Of those top-performing pop-ups, 92% of them have pop-ups that display after 4 seconds. The lowest-performing displayed their ads between 0 and 4 seconds.
  • Well-designed and properly timed pop-ups can lead to conversion rates as high as 60%.

Notice that timing is critical here—you need to make sure you aren’t rushing people into your pop-up.

Exit intent pop-ups help keep people on your site longer. That means you want them to display at the optimum time, and on the right pages.

So what exactly IS an exit intent pop-up?

When site visitors make an indication that they’re about to leave the site, a pop-up is displayed asking them to stay a little longer.

And keeping people on your site longer is the fastest way to boosting your conversions.

60 exit intent pop-up examples that increase conversions

Knowing what to ask of your site visitors is critical to getting your exit intent pop-ups right. What do you want them to do? Do you want them to buy something? Or download something? Maybe you want them to get in touch with you? What’s your CTA?

These 60 exit intent pop-up examples are ideas you can use to craft a compelling pop-up for your site. We’ve even included some design examples to give you an idea of what top pop-ups look like.

1. Free eBook Offer

2. Discount on your first purchase

Modcloth uses an exit intent pop-up to get new subscribers to their email list. They offer a discount for someone’s first purchase.

Source: Modcloth

3. Downloadable guidebook

4. Percentage off a purchase today

Cotopaxi takes it a step further than Modcloth by extending their discount offer to anyone who makes a purchase today. They also include a compelling image, something critical to exit intent popups.

Source: Cotopaxi

5. Email signup form

6. Other products you’ll love

7. A blog you need to read next

8. Request a free demo

9. Get your free checklist

10. Enter for a chance to win

 Oprah’s exit intent pop-up is a giveaway. With a combination of images that speak to the message and a message that speaks to the visitor, this pop-up drives traffic back to the website.

Source: Oprah

11. Check out our new styles

12. Have a question before you go?

13. Free subscription update

14. Exclusive access to premier content

15. Read what our customers have to say

16. Did you forget something?

17. Fill out this survey before you go

18. Free trial offer – expires soon

19. Claim your reward

20. Need help? Chat with us

21. Get your discount code

22. Wait—before you go

23. Free shipping if you purchase today

24. First access to new products or services

25. Watch this exclusive video

26. Special offer just for you

27. Donate today and save a life

The Palm Valley Animal Center uses an exit intent pop-up to request donations to their organization. They include an image that should appeal to the reader’s emotions as well.

Source: Palm Valley Animal Center

28. Download our technical guide

RazorSocial uses their exit intent pop-up to collect an email address and their visitor’s first name. Notice that they also offer a content download to subscribers.

Source: RazorSocial

29. Free gift with purchase

30. Take this quick quiz to get started

31. Get free rewards points when you sign up

32. Enjoy a complimentary coffee

33. Sign up today for a bonus offer

34. Donate today and get a free gift

35. Join our exclusive email club today

36. Find a location near you

37. Get a free month on us

38. Refer your friends for a free gift

39. Download our free templates

40. Buy one, get one half off

41. Listen to our new podcast

42. Sign up for newsletters to stay connected

43. Check on the progress of your download

44. Subscribe today for a chance to win

45. Follow us on social media

46. Want to know our secrets?

47. How to get anything you want

Marie Forleo’s exit intent pop-up uses a compelling headline to catch her reader’s attention. She follows up with an offer to download a free audio training.

Source: Marie Forleo

48. Looking for something else? Reach out

49. Enter your email for a surprise

50. Click here for your free cheat sheet

51. Enter to win our monthly drawing

52. Read what our other subscribers are reading right now

53. Are you ready to get started?

54. Do you want to know how to grow your list?

55. Send me my free copy

56. Become a member today

57. Sign up for our VIP content

58. Get started on your journey today

59. Find your path to success

60. Claim your free subscription fast

These exit intent pop-up examples work for a number of businesses. See something you like, but it doesn’t work exactly? Get creative and list several ideas before choosing the best one.

Bonus tactics for creating exit intent pop-ups that work

Even with these examples, putting together an exit intent pop-up can be intimidating at first. There’s a lot going on in such a small package. Thankfully, with practice, it gets a lot easier.

Exit intent pop-ups, like all pop-ups, have a variety of components to them. Each component requires individual attention. You’ll want to spend more time on some of these components and less on others, but you’ll figure out which pieces require the most effort, with time.

To create exit intent pop-ups that convert, follow these guidelines:

  • Compelling graphics: if you want your exit intent pop-up to catch people’s eyes, you’re going to need images. Your image is effectively your CTA. It may be a graphic you create or it may be an image of a product. Whatever it is, it needs to capture attention.
  • Intriguing headline: your headline is like an email subject line. It’s what pulls people in. You don’t read promotional emails that don’t have subject lines that say something interesting. Would you really want to click on a pop-up with a dull headline?
  • Vivid colors: while you don’t want to overwhelm your visitors with clashing colors, you do want to use color to grab their attention and focus. Bright colors are eye catching. Think of how red, orange, and yellow instantly grab your gaze.
  • An offer: you don’t just want to ask people for their email addresses. You need to offer them a reason to sign up for your email list, download your latest content, or purchase your newest merchandise. Give them a reason to want to work with you.
  • Close button: as part of pop-up best practices, you want to make sure your exit intent pop-up includes a way to close the pop-up. Sometimes the pop-ups are inconvenient, and you don’t want people leaving your site out of frustration.

If you follow these guidelines when creating your exit intent pop-ups, you’ll figure out a strategy that works for you. Just don’t forget to use A/B testing to see how your pop-ups are performing.

Wrap up

When it comes to keeping visitors on your site and driving them back to your offer, exit intent pop-ups are one of the best ways to capitalize on the fact that the visitor is already on your site.

Keep these three things in mind when creating your exit intent popups:

  • Timing is everything—move too quickly and you risk annoying your visitor. Move too slowly and you miss out on the opportunity.
  • Figure out your message—you need to know what you want your visitors to do before you put together a pop-up. Otherwise, what will you be driving them to?
  • Make an offer they can’t refuse—give your visitors a reason to follow through on your pop-up’s request. Don’t expect something for nothing.

Exit intent pop-ups provide the perfect platform for communicating with your site visitors that you really want them to stay. Take advantage of that last touch and make it count.

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