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Digital marketing works best when your various channels and platforms work together. A cohesive, multi-channel brand experience creates a more personal connection with your followers by presenting a holistic impression of what your brand stands for.

Today’s consumers want community. They want the chance to know the people behind their favorite companies as well as the other brand ambassadors. A strong social media presence allows them that opportunity. 

Through your posts, they get to know you. Through comments and custom hashtags, customers get to know one another. 

But social media is notoriously fickle. You don’t own the platform and you don’t own the data. At any time, social media platforms can—and do—change up the algorithms that allow you to engage with your followers.

What is a 21st century brand to do?

Social media and email marketing in tandem

The answer to that question is simple: Integrate. It’s time marketers stopped thinking of social media and email marketing as either/or. You should consider them different channels for the same holistic message for your brand.

Both channels allow you to connect and interact with followers in a one-to-one capacity. Both channels allow you to promote your values and tell your story, building the emotional connection with customers that leads to better results for your business.

The key is to use social media and email in tandem. Introduce custom hashtags online to generate user-generated content (UGC) you can use across your website, social platforms, and email. Promote your subscription online to grow your list. Feature social proof from your social media followers in your emails to encourage conversions.

The benefits are endless. And with Campaign Monitor’s drag-and-drop builder, including links to your social profiles has never been easier.

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Need some inspiration? Read on to discover how our favorite emails feature social media.

How to integrate social media into your email campaigns

The best place to get started when you’re ready to integrate your social media and email campaigns is by creating an email that keeps your social media front and center. Dedicate an email every few months to promote your social profiles, a custom hashtag, or feature UGC from your loyal fans. Here are a few examples.

1. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts promotes their social media profiles by dedicating an email to loyal fans. This will encourage your subscribers to engage with you on another platform—always a plus—and it also leads to greater investment from your followers.

cross-channel marketing with email

When people see their social posts in your emails or when you repost their content, it tells them you’re listening to them and paying attention to them. They aren’t just shouting into some void. Rather, they’re interacting with you directly. 

Seeing their posts on your profile and in your email engenders warm and fuzzy feelings in your subscribers. It proves to them that you want to hear from them and value their part in your story.

With our new social links tool, you can include links to your social profiles wherever you like, removing one less barrier for your subscribers.

2. Quiz

Quiz clothing taps into the power of social media and email marketing by running a social media contest. By including information about the contest in their email, Quiz ensures their most loyal and dedicated followers don’t miss the opportunity to participate and win.

Social media and email strategy example

This campaign also includes physical ads. Quiz has integrated their most powerful channels for marketing into one campaign in order to achieve the most impressions possible. They take their digital campaign and give it a physical, experiential component.

You know the people most likely to engage with your brand are already on your email list; that’s why it’s so successful as a marketing tool. These are the people who are most likely to take the effort to go find your ad and follow-through with the multiple steps to enter this contest. 

By combining the max reach of social media with the max engagement of email, this campaign multiplies its opportunities to be a huge success.

You can make your own email campaign like this effortlessly by dragging and dropping your social links directly into prominent positions within your email with our new update!

3. Parabo Press

Parabo Press features some of their favorite posts that use their custom hashtag, #ParaboPress. When it comes to social media, simplicity is key. They’ve found a way to regularly connect with their VIPs, Very Important Printers. 

Parabo Press multichannel marketing example

This email encourages subscribers to engage with them on social media. The beautiful images from customers helps subscribers visualize what Parabo Press’ products will look like in their own homes, which will lead to more conversions.

By including these user-generated images, Parabo Press is incorporating social proof and encouraging subscribers to make a purchase. 

How to do this in Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor recently introduced social links into the drag-and-drop email builder, making it fast and easy to feature links to your social media channels in your email designs.

Simply select the social links you want and place them wherever makes most sense for your strategy. Then customize the size, shape, alignment, layout and color to suit your design. 


That’s how you can get started in Campaign Monitor and get sending in one day.

Wrap up

Now that you have some inspiration for getting started, we can’t wait to see how you integrate your social media and email marketing strategies. Both channels encourage one-to-one conversations. When you combine the trustworthy and reliable channel of email with the reach and discovery power of social media, you ensure that your marketing efforts reach their maximum potential.

We’d love to see what you create with these new tools. Don’t forget to tag us when you share your experience combining social media and email marketing!

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