News, sports, entertainment, culture—1440 Media covers all the recent and hot topics trending around the world. Not to mention, they do it daily, and in a totally digestible and impartial way. Their neutral tone and email newsletter format keeps it easy for readers to follow along with the topics they’re most interested in—and brings on a refreshing approach to informational reporting. 


To carry on its mission of delivering the latest updates to readers, 1440 Media relies on Campaign Monitor to get the job done right. From deliverability teams to a dedicated Customer Success Manager, 1440 Media comes together with the Campaign Monitor team to bring these highly anticipated news stories to inboxes daily.

We sell ads based on how many subscribers open the email. So, a 4-5% increase in open rates [after switching to Campaign Monitor] leads to a 4-5% increase in revenues and profits. Strong deliverability and open rates add wild ROI to the business. Tim Huelskamp, Co-founder of 1440 Media

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