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The year is already underway.

If you haven’t put “Operation: Email Marketing Conferences 2019” into action, it’s not too late.

You can still reserve spots for you and your colleagues at upcoming email marketing conferences.

And if you’re not sure it’s worth it, consider the benefits. Conferences host a number of skilled professionals eager to educate, and often there are several tracks to take.

Recordings of these events are valuable, but they can’t replace the experience of attending a conference live.

Not yet sold on the idea of attending an email marketing conference? In this article, we’ll discuss the top email marketing conferences in 2019 and why you should attend one or more of these events this year.

3 benefits of attending email marketing conferences in 2019

  • Networking
  • Educational tips and best practices
  • Enjoyment

Besides giving you time away from your hectic schedule in the office, conferences have numerous benefits. Let’s take a deeper look at the top three.

1. Conferences provide valuable networking opportunities.

Networking is the key to driving business growth. By attending a conference, you can easily connect with business owners, directors, and other decision makers. These can contribute directly to your business, increase brand awareness, or provide referral opportunities.

Email marketers network and socialize at Content Marketing World.

Image Source: Content Marketing World

A conference is a great way of building your contact list, and business thrives on a healthy contact list. Just gaining a new list of prospects makes a conference well-worth your time.

2. Conferences provide educational tips and best practices.

Professional events are a great place to learn how your email marketing strategy can be more effective. Not only that, but these professional events also keep attendees posted on industry news and current events. This is especially true in a fast-evolving industry like email marketing, where tools and best practices are constantly changing.

Outdated practices could be a waste of time, which can cost you revenue.

From a competition perspective, many of your competitors may attend or speak at conferences, giving you a unique opportunity to learn and iterate your own strategy.

3. Conferences are made to be enjoyable for guests.

Yes, even though conferences are mainly educational and business-focused, plan on having some fun, too. This is probably one of the only business events where you can attend meetings while also traveling and exploring new places.

Schedule a day or two to get acquainted with the city and its culture before or after the conference. Better yet, grab dinner with other professionals in your industry. Use this travel opportunity to learn more about others in your field.

5 email marketing conferences you just have to attend in 2019

Now that you know why you should plan to attend a conference this year, let’s discuss some options. This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the email marketing conferences in 2019, but we’ve listed some note-worthy events to consider.

These conferences have a proven track record of providing value to attendees year after year. Not to mention they’re pretty fun, too.

1. Email Innovations Summit

This is probably the email marketing conference that beats them all.

The Email Innovations Summit doesn’t just discuss strategy. On the contrary, this conference is known for doing a deep-dive into email marketing. Every facet of email marketing is broken down and explained, making this a helpful event for newbies and advanced marketers alike.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of attending this conference is its focus on future technologies and trends in email marketing. The conference also features a session where you can beta test emerging technologies and innovations.

Chris Jenner, Vice President of Email Marketing at Caesars Entertainment, gives a testimonial on how much he benefitted from the Email Innovations Summit.

Image Source: Email Innovations Summit

Attending the Email Innovations Summit will advance you as a marketer, teaching you about cutting-edge technologies, trends, and strategies.

But—luckily for you—in order to remain competitive with other conferences, this event also offers additional benefits to attendees.

Attendees also get a complimentary 6-month membership for the Only Influencers group. This is a community of more than 500 of the world’s top thought leaders and renowned email marketing professionals.

In the US, this email marketing conference will be held on June 18 in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re in Europe, the conference will be on October 16 and 17 in London, England.

2. Email Evolution Conference

If you’re looking for an email marketing conference that will help you improve your current strategy and implement new best practices and tech (e.g. AI and machine learning), then the Email Evolution Conference is an event you should definitely consider. This is a conference that focuses on practicality and efficiency.

Educational topics you can expect from this conference include but are not limited to AI-driven email, email workflow design and tips, dynamic email composition, and much more.

Luckily, this conference is open to feedback from participants and seeks to fulfill their suggestions for sessions and speakers. In other words, don’t hesitate to let the organizers know if you have a particular concept you’d like to see tackled in depth.

The Email Evolution Conference focuses on community, making the conference atmosphere friendly and relaxed.

Email Evolution will be held in Savannah, Georgia this year. Be sure to mark April 24 – 27 on your calendar so you can attend.

3. EiQ: The Intelligent Email Gathering

The EiQ’s The Intelligent Email Gathering is one of the newer email marketing conferences that debuted in 2017. While it’s new, you don’t want to miss EiQ. This event stands out among other conferences with its unique approach to event life.

Some of the themes discussed in past years include putting a twist on traditional email marketing methods like newsletters and welcome emails. Topics are diverse and you’ll come away from this conference loaded with many cutting-edge tips and hacks to help you take your email marketing campaigns to a higher level.

Two of the most popular highlights from last year include a highly energetic, very helpful Q&A session and an after-party to wind down and socialize with other industry professionals.

If this sounds like your ideal 2019 conference, then Atlanta, Georgia is the place to be April 18. This is one email marketing conference that will definitely help you embrace the future of email marketing while also having a great time away from the office.

4. Litmus Live

If you’re looking for a conference where strategy, data, analytics, and design take the forefront, then the Litmus Live conference is definitely for you.

The Litmus Live conference puts every facet of an email strategy to the test. The organizers use data to show what works, while also myth-busting harmful ideas that are propagated in the marketing world. In short, the purpose and vision behind the Litmus Live conference is to help you design and run a super effective email marketing campaign.

It’s all about helping you achieve the best results you possibly can.

Aaron Chamernik thanks the Litmus team for putting the event together.

Image Source: Litmus

With topics ranging from email design to personalization, efficient workflows, and many more, this is one conference that will equip you with everything you need to supercharge your email campaigns.

Conference details for 2019 haven’t been released yet, but they’ll be listed on the conference website once they’re announced. The venues are usually in London, Boston, and San Francisco.

Pro tip: This conference usually sells out fast, so make sure you register early once the dates are released.

5. Content Marketing World

Content Marketing World is one of the biggest digital marketing conferences on the planet. With 120 sessions and some of the most sought out speakers, this conference will cover all your bases.

Although it’s not email-centric like the other conferences on our list, Content Marketing World will benefit you in 3 ways:

  • It has a lot of networking opportunities. Everyone at every level of digital marketing attends this conference, giving you an opportunity to build relationships on every level.
  • CMW bridges the gap between email and other marketing strategies. As successful as email marketing is, integrating it with other forms of marketing can be powerful. At Content Marketing World, you get to see how email fits into the big picture.
  • This conference helps you create amazing content for your emails. Content Marketing World will help you master the art of crafting content your subscribers will look forward to receiving.

As an email marketer, don’t ignore this year’s conference line-up, as it promises to be one of the best conferences of the year. Although it’s billed for September, registration is already open so get your seat now before they run out.

Wrap up

The world of digital marketing is always changing. New technologies and fresh ways of doing things are always being introduced. If you fail to keep up of these changes, your outdated methods will become outpaced by those keeping up with the trends.

So, what better way to propel your business, learn a lot, and network with industry professionals than at a conference?

This is why it’s important that you invest in an email marketing conference to attend this year. If you haven’t yet, put “Operation: Email Marketing Conference 2019” into effect now. You’ll definitely be glad you did.

Wondering what, when, and where the next email marketing conferences are? Keep yourself updated by subscribing to Campaign Monitor’s Marketing Events newsletters.

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