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NOTE: While every piece of communication should reflect the same tone of voice, the exception to the above rule is technical writing.

The brand voice.

Concise, but not abrupt. Bold, but not arrogant. Conversational, but never slangy. Professional, but not formal. Inspiring, but not overwrought.

At its core, our voice is positive simplicity. It is straightforward, empowering, and it acknowledges how important doing email marketing well is to our customers. They turn to us to achieve things, and we want to give them the information they need without fluff or distraction.

Our copy.

Consistency is critical. We need to be saying the same thing in the same way to have maximum impact out there in the marketplace. Grammar, punctuation, style, tone of voice, and everything in between—all should be clear, concise, on brand, and never confusing. Our copy should always tell the Campaign Monitor story and reflect our values as we continue each conversation with the Campaign Monitor customer.

We use punctuation.

We use periods at the end of sentences, so yes, use them at the end of headlines. Periods are definitive. They are statements and prevent your headline, and thus your message, from floating out in the atmosphere. We use sentence case and we also use correct punctuation, especially periods, at the end of headlines. So the user moves on. It’s a surefire way to stop the conversation before it even gets started.

But there are exceptions.

But there are exceptions to every rule—and sometimes punctuation should not be used:

We use title case for titles—books, guides etc., think Gone With The Wind or Moby Dick.

Some graphic elements including "eyebrows".

Blurbs like 24/7 support and pricing guidelines.

We use sentence case in headlines and subheads.

Sentence case is when you capitalize the first letter in a sentence—and we use this style because evidence shows it helps people scan the document without breaking the flow of the sentence. To double check if you're using the appropriate case, please go here.

Mary had a little lamb.

Mary Had A Little Lamb.

No mumbo-jumbo.

No corp speak, no overused jargon, and especially no clichés. No reaching out or running it up the flagpole. It’s confusing and stale. Just be clear, concise, and fresh.

Capitalizing of our product name.

Campaign Monitor is our brand and our product. It should always be capitalized. Marketing automation, email builder, visual journey designer and email marketing are features of our product and / or categories. They are not branded or proprietary to Campaign Monitor, so they shouldn’t be capitalized.

Campaign Monitor offers email marketing and automation for growing businesses.

Campaign Monitor offers Email Marketing and Automation for growing businesses.