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Add a customizable email collection bar right to your webpage quickly and easily using this simple integration.


Have you always wanted to add a email collection bar to your page but always found it too difficult to do or found the bar too obtrusive to your customer’s experience? Look no further than this awesome integration by Hello Bar.

Hello Bar makes it easy to customize and design a super unobtrusive, fully customizable bar that you can stick right onto your site. You can change colors, fonts and even textures (or choose from their default themes, if that’s more to your liking). Once you have a style you like, save it as your own theme for quick access later. Even better is the ability to have multiple Hello Bars set up to sync directly to various Campaign Monitor lists.

Hello Bar is free to get started and offers a $4.99/month pricing tier for individuals looking for more advanced features. To read more, or get signed up check out the Hello Bar site.

Installation / Documentation

The installation of Hello Bar is a¬†breeze. Simply copy the small javascript snippet provided to you by Hello Bar, and paste it within the body of your webpage-voila! Once you’ve done that, you will never need to touch the code again; any changes made to the bar in Hello Bar will automatically be applied live to your site.

When setting up your bar, you will be asked which list you would like to sync to. At that point, you can select to either have all contacts live right in your Hello Bar dashboard, or to also sync them to Campaign Monitor.

Once you’ve selected the list you’d like to sync to, you’re off and running-all of the emails your Hello Bar collects will be automatically synced across to us.

That being said, if you ever want to change the list, it’s as easy as just editing your existing bar.

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