Scroll Box

Developed by SumoMe

Add a fully customizable, beautiful, behaviorally-triggered popup box to your website with this tool from SumoMe.


  • Create a branded, seamless signup opportunity on your website.
  • Automatically add all of your collected signups to a subscriber list in Campaign Monitor.
  • Customize your signup forms to exactly match your website.


Growing your email list is one of the top strategies to advance your email marketing strategy. With Scroll Box, you can create a branded, compelling subscribe opportunity after someone has scrolled a certain amount down your page. Then, automatically add all of your collected signups to a subscriber list in Campaign Monitor. Say, for example, you only want to ask for someone’s email after they’ve navigated all the way through your content on the page? With Scroll Box that’s totally doable. You can set specific page percentages at which you would like your subscribe popups to show.

Additionally, you have total control of the background and button colors, text color, text font, and more so you can completely match your popup to fit the design and feel of your site. All of your scroll boxes will also come with mobile support, so even if most of your viewers are viewing on their phones or tablets, they’ll still have the same great experience.

You can get all of the above-mentioned features of Scroll Box for free-but if you’re looking for just a bit more, you can also subscribe to Scroll Box Pro! Pro enables you to enact more advanced display targeting of your visitors, A/B testing of your copy and styles, remove all branding, and more.

Scroll Box is free, and pricing for Scroll Box Pro is $20/month. To get started or get more information, head over to SumoMe’s site!

Installation / Documentation

For more information on how to get started, check out the setup guide on SumoMe Support.

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Developer: SumoMe
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