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Sending the right message is easy with triggered workflows

To get the best results in email marketing, it’s important to send the most relevant messages to the right people at the right time. Our email automation workflows make it easy to focus your efforts where they count most.

“Rip Curl is redefining the surf and lifestyle industry and wants to work with companies that help us reach customers in an agile and meaningful way. Campaign Monitor helps us personalize customer engagement and deliver beautiful messages.” Jarrod Heathcote, Digital Brand and eCommerce Manager, Rip Curl

Drive engagement with content your customers care about

Quickly build time-based workflows to send emails to your contacts for more relevant and engaging communications.

  • Drip campaigns Send an introductory email or a series of emails drip campaigns to nurture or onboard a new customer.
  • Reminders Send an email before or after a specific date like a membership renewal or a reminder of an upcoming event.
  • Birthday greetings Send emails for birthdays or recurring annual holidays with a greeting or special offer.
  • Blog updates Automatically email your subscribers after making a content update to your website or blog.

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Dig deeper to see what's working

See detailed analytics for each workflow in your automated email series to get insights on how to further optimize your emails to be even more effective and timely.

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