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4 Event Invite Emails You Can Learn From

In this post, we give you tips to optimize your next event invite email to…

Blog Post

How to Create a Killer Value Proposition for Your next Email Campaign

Imagine you’ve just released an amazing new product that is going to make your customer’s…

Blog Post

The Evolution of Our Own Email Marketing Strategy

A few months ago, Campaign Monitor hit a milestone. We turned 10 years old. We shared…

Blog Post

How to Turn Your Plain-Text Emails into Conversion Machines

We’re pretty big fans of beautiful HTML emails over here at Campaign Monitor. We recently compiled…

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Get set for 2015 with General Assembly’s “Future of Email Marketing”

Want to know about email marketing’s big trends for the year ahead? Subscribe to our…

Blog Post

How to Write Better Subject Lines Using the EMV Index

Do you find it difficult to write great email subject lines? Although there are a number…

Blog Post

Holiday reading to help you send better email in 2015

Planning to catch up on your email marketing reading while you relax somewhere warm over…

Blog Post

Are You Designing for Accessibility?

There are likely more people on your subscriber list with a vision impairment than there…

Blog Post

Use This Email Campaign Checklist to Send Error-Free Email Marketing Campaigns

In this post, we show you how to create an email sign-off process that is…

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How CoSchedule Improved Open Rates by Systematically A/B Testing Email Subject Lines

Are you A/B testing your email subject lines? If so, you are taking a step in…

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How to Set the Order of Stacked Columns in a Responsive Email Design

Are you finding that images and text aren’t stacking in the order you’d like, say,…

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