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10 Powerful B2B Email Marketing Examples

Email is rapidly becoming the preferred channel for B2B marketers. Not only does it allow…

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10 Email Marketing Books Every Marketer Should Read

Enjoy this roundup of the best email marketing and digital marketing books, and use them…

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How to Send Bulk Email Without Spamming

Avoid the pitfalls of email marketing. Learn how to send bulk email without spamming your…

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8 Tips for Creating an Email Marketing Reporting Template

Rather than spending too much time cementing the details of your new email marketing reporting…

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What Is a Good Open Rate for Email Marketing?

Campaign Monitor wants you to better understand what makes a good open rate and how…

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ROI Showdown: Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

Does social media or email marketing yield better results? In this post, Campaign Monitor does…

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Your Guide to Decoding Email Marketing Jargon

Campaign Monitor explains some of the most common—and confusing—jargon in email marketing so that you…

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4 Key Metrics to Track for Email Marketing Success

In this article, you learn about the most valuable metrics to track for email.

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6 Modern Examples of Cyber Monday Emails

Here are six great examples of Cyber Monday emails that stand out from the rest…

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How To Build an Effective Marketing Team Structure

A winning team structure sets your email marketing up for success.

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The Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes to Stop Making

Are you seeing the best results from your email marketing campaigns? Discover the top 10…

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20 New Training Videos to Help You Master Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor launches CM 101, a brand new library of training videos that explain all…

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