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It’s no secret that email marketing drives conversions and revenue. In fact, consumers who come to your site and make a purchase via an email link spend on average 138% more than other customers. Mastering email marketing is important for the success of your business no matter where you’re located.

Wherever you’re sending email marketing campaigns from, these regional benchmarks will help you understand what you’re up against. Remember: the goal isn’t to support the average click-through rate or open rate for your region but to excel at email marketing and surpass these email marketing numbers.

This infographic breaks down all the email marketing numbers you need to know by region in order to put you in charge of your email marketing results:

email marketing by the numbers infographic

How many people use email?

As of 2018, over 3.8 billion people worldwide use email. That’s half the global population. Experts predict that number to rise to more than 4.2 billion by 2022.

Users often have more than one email address. On average, people have 1.75 email addresses. That means globally, there are nearly 6.7 billion email addresses.

Those users send a collective 281.1 billion emails daily. That’s more than 195 million emails sent globally each minute.

Which countries check email more via mobile devices?

As of October 2017, mobile devices outpaced desktop devices in market share. But which countries check their email on mobile devices most often?

Country Percent of Mobile Users Checking Email
Sweden 67%
Italy 65%
United States 65%
Japan 65%
UK 63%
Australia 63%
France 60%
Germany 57%

Which countries are known for the most spam?

During the second quarter of 2018, five countries accounted for nearly 50% of the spam email sent. Here are the countries sending the most spam.

Country Percent of Total Spam Originating from this Country
China 14.36%
United States 12.11%
Germany 11.12%
France 4.42%
Russia 4.34%
Vietnam 3.98%
Brazil 3.88%
Turkey 3.46%
Spain 3.18%
United Kingdom 2.43%

Average click-through rate by country

Click-through rates on email marketing campaigns vary by region.

Where are users likely to unsubscribe or complain about email marketing?

People from different areas are more likely to complain about or unsubscribe from email marketing. But globally, the percent of people who do so is very small.

Area Average Unsubscribe Rate
United States 0.122%
Canada 0.183%
United Kingdom 0.144%
Europe 0.091%
Africa and the Middle East 0.182%
Australia and New Zealand 0.175%
Area Average Complaint Rate
United States 0.026%
Canada 0.017%
United Kingdom 0.023%
Europe 0.030%
Africa and the Middle East 0.033%
Australia and New Zealand 0.024%

Wrap up

Wherever you find yourself sending email marketing campaigns, remember there are a lot of other messages flooding your subscribers’ inboxes. The good news is, most of those emails aren’t great, so using the right tools and following email marketing best practices will have your email marketing campaigns surpassing even the most intimidating numbers.

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