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Content marketing and digital marketing are two vital pieces of any marketing strategies, and when used together, they can be an unstoppable force.

What is content and digital marketing?

Content marketing is advertising based on visual content, like blog posts, infographics, and videos. The importance of visual elements in marketing has been rising steadily, and it’s essential for your brand to use imagery in content marketing.

Digital marketing is closely related to content marketing. It offers many useful tools that can enhance your content marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing tools for augmenting content marketing

Digital marketing has some incredible tools that can make your content marketing easier to plan and put in place.

Digital marketing has been growing more sophisticated over the years and has become much more integrated.

Instead of focusing solely on websites, blogs, and social media, it’s expanded into a more holistic approach.

Artificial intelligence has also been taking a more prominent role in digital marketing. The trend is likely to continue, as more sophisticated applications become available.

Starting with the planning stage, you can use digital marketing tools like Mindmup to outline. The program can help map out a visually enhanced outline when developing new content.

Evernote is another great tool for digital marketing. It can make it easier to collaborate on projects and distribute information.

While similar to Google Docs, Evernote has some unique features that make it ideal for digital and content marketing applications. The program facilitates editorial calendars and makes it easy to sync multiple devices.

Perhaps one of the most useful digital marketing tools that can improve your content is Headline Analyzer.

Your headlines are incredibly crucial to the success of your promotional content and they play a key role in whether customers open and read your newsletters or not.

You can use CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to test out the efficacy of your headline before publishing. Insights like these are an essential way to make your content marketing more effective.

How to measure the success of content and digital marketing

Measuring the success rates of your content and digital marketing can be achieved using standard metrics. Open and click-through rates can be used, for the most part, and you can compare the figures from these metrics.

Simply run the stats against those from text-only content to see the difference.

One of the hottest digital marketing trends to master and measure are voice searches.

Twenty percent of tech giant Google’s mobile queries are voice searches.

Does it really matter?

Content and digital marketing are both significant to the success of your brand. These tools can be used to increase your conversion rates and help you retain more customers.

Customers, especially millennials and the younger generations, are hungry for visually rich content. The modern customer has come to expect lots of high-quality imagery in promotional content, and the preference is made clear by how these consumers spend money.

When you use digital marketing tools to enhance your content, you can produce high-quality promotions like this.

When you use digital marketing tools to enhance your content, you can produce high-quality promotions like this.  

Source: Campaign Monitor

What now?

Knowing how digital marketing can be used to support content marketing is a crucial skill in today’s market. The global business arena of today is fierce, bewildering, and highly technically oriented, which means that professionals like yourself have to stay informed on the most useful technology and tools.

These are tools like the ones mentioned above, and they can all help you get higher conversion rates from your content marketing posts.

Now that you know more about how digital can support content marketing, it’s time to put it into action. Learn more about digital marketing and how it compares to growth hacking with Campaign Monitor.

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