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Many free email marketing tools exist online, offering a wide range of capabilities, such as email tracking, organization, and even facilitating email list growth.

Free email marketing tools can boost your campaign results by amplifying your productivity and abilities. With over 3,500 tools available at your disposal, there’s a lot you can tap into.

Here are some of our favorites.

1. Tracking tools

  • Google Alerts: Keep track of who mentions your brand or the topics in your latest newsletter.
  • Google Analytics: Track how users interact with your site and your email campaign.

2. Organization tools

  • Evernote: Keep track of ideas, notes, and brainstorming sessions for your newsletters.
  • Trello: Track ideas and progress in a highly visual way.

3. Content tools

  • HemingwayApp: Write bold, clear copy that inspires readers to action.
  • Piktochart: Craft beautiful infographics to boost engagement rates.
  • PutsMail: Preview your email content in plain text, HTML, and Apple Watch formats.

4. Email capture tools

  • Campaign Monitor: Our list-building tools are included in every account.
  • ListBuilder: This free tool by Sumo helps capture emails on your website.
  • Optin Monster: Insert pop-ups and slides onto your site to encourage readers to subscribe to your newsletters.

How to measure the effectiveness of free email marketing tools

Although many tools receive wide acclaim for their value to marketers, there’s no one set of free marketing tools that will be better for you.

Take these questions into consideration when deciding how effective your tools are:

  1. Does this tool help me accomplish a task better or faster?
  2. Is the free version giving me what I need versus the paid version?
  3. Is this tool doing anything that another service I’m already using can’t, or can’t do better?

Your main metrics for measuring the effectiveness of your free email marketing tools include helpfulness, ease of use, and the degree to which it makes you more productive.

Does it really matter?

Many email service providers, such as Campaign Monitor, offer full support and all the tools you may ever need. And if you need something beyond what Campaign Monitor has to offer, we integrate with hundreds of other marketing tools.

A survey of 311 digital marketing agencies found that 51% of them used at least 21 different marketing tools to manage their campaigns.

Why? There are many reasons to embrace multiple marketing tools:

  • Tools that aren’t specifically built for marketing help bring a different perspective into the mix.
  • Specialized tools perform better than generalized ones.
  • Every marketing campaign is a little different and may need a different mix of tools.
  • You can tailor your marketing practices to your company or organization’s style.

What now?

We’ve armed you with a solid list of free email marketing tools that work well in conjunction with email service providers like Campaign Monitor. Each of these tools has a slightly different specialty and will accomplish different things for you. We encourage you to experiment with different combinations of free tools to see which ones work best for you.

The use of multiple tools to track emails and marketing efforts is becoming more commonplace for companies. With the free tools widely available on the web, you can too.

Looking for more? Here are 14 free tools that every digital marketer should know. 

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