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The field of email marketing is about human ingenuity. It’s about creativity, in every stage of the process, from campaign creation to analysis of results.

But there’s also something to be said for those emails that are sent out automatically. They operate on a set schedule and could be thought of as automated campaigns. They’re also known as autoresponders, lifecycle emails, and drip campaigns.

An email drip campaign is a campaign that focuses on automatically sending a series of pre-written messages at predetermined intervals. If you’re looking to discover the strategies behind drip campaigns, why they’re important to understand, and how they can help you, read on.

How to identify and measure a drip campaign

Every email respondent may be different, but sometimes information is so important to a cause it gets sent to everyone. For information like this, why not automate the process in order to speed things along and provide ongoing value to subscribers?

This is the idea behind drip campaigns.

When you send your subscribers constant information about your organization, cause, or product catalog, you’re giving them all the data they need to help guide them toward a specific action. That could be signing up for future emails or making a purchase.

What does your company offer? What sets you apart? If a user has already got the preliminary information about your organization, they may be more likely to make a purchase or engage in another profitable way as a result.

Drip campaigns aren’t just useful for getting people information that could benefit them in a general sense. Drip campaigns can also be launched for very specific purposes, like greeting new subscribers to start the connection off properly or reaching out to someone who hasn’t responded in a while.

Does it matter?

Drip campaigns aren’t completely synonymous with automated emails, but there is a lot of overlap. And, when it comes to automatic messages, either sent by a program or scheduled manually, they can have higher success rates than the alternatives.

B2C marketers have seen conversion rates jump by as much as 50 percent thanks to automated emails.

These automatic messages provide valuable, relevant information to subscribers in a timely manner. It’s the kind of information that makes subscribers see more value in being part of your email list and encourages them to follow a call to action.

Drip campaigns are important because they represent a quick,—and historically effective—avenue of communication. You know email marketing works when you have the right information getting to the right people, so, when you find something that works, drip campaigns allow you to replicate it.

Was a customer’s issue solved after they got a certain data point? Has one particular question caused multiple prospective leads to hold off on moving forward? When you find out the needs customers have, you can get that information to them more effectively in drip campaigns.

Whether it’s the first hello or a gentle reminder to come back after a break, these automatic emails can go a long way in starting, maintaining, and saving professional relationships.

What now?

There are a lot of things you can do with drip campaigns. After you understand what makes these campaigns different, you can use them to improve the connection you have with subscribers.

Looking for email drip campaign ideas? Check out these tips on how they can help you communicate with your mailing list effectively and provide them with the information they need, no matter where you are in your relationship.

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