The Campaign Monitor API opens up a world of possibilities for integrating our platform with your favorite CMS, blog, or other third party software.

What's New

Updates in Version 3.3

We’ve upgraded our API from 3.2 to 3.3. Here’s what’s new.

  • Pagination and performance improvements when requesting Campaigns
  • A new endpoint for campaign tags
  • Ability to track the date a subscriber joins a list

The following APIs have had breaking changes implemented. Please note these changes when moving from 3.2 to 3.3.

New endpoint

  • Get tags
    • New endpoint

Modified endpoint

  • Campaign summary
    • “Name” was added
  • Get sent campaigns
    • Results are now paginated (limited to 1000 entries per API call)
      “Tags” was added
    • Campaigns can be sorted and filtered by their Sent Date
    • Campaigns can be filtered by their tags
  • Get draft campaigns,
    • “Tags” was added
  • Get scheduled campaigns,
    • “Tags” was added
  • List active subscribers
    • “ListJoinedDate” was added
  • List unconfirmed subscribers
    • “ListJoinedDate” was added
  • List unsubscribed subscribers
    • “ListJoinedDate” was added
  • List bounced subscribers
    • “ListJoinedDate” was added
  • List deleted subscribers
    • “ListJoinedDate” was added
  • Segments – active subscribers
    • “ListJoinedDate” was added
  • Subscribers – details
    • “ListJoinedDate” was added