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Campaign Monitor for Raiser’s Edge NXT

Developed by Red Arc

Campaign Monitor + Raiser’s Edge NXT - the perfect combo! Seamlessly extend your world class CRM with world class email marketing


  • Automatically sync constituents from NXT to Campaign Monitor
  • Return engagement activity (sent emails + associated opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes) as constituent actions
  • Automatically handle unsubscribes, bounces, and more


You already know the benefits of having a platform dedicated to doing email marketing incredibly well. But if you’re currently relying on manual processes to sync constituents and return engagement activity back to Raiser’s Edge (RE) NXT, you’re probably not getting the best from this dynamic duo. Red Arc’s Campaign Monitor Connector connects RE NXT to Campaign Monitor. The result is fully automated data transfer between the two applications sending constituent data for engagement and returning marketing activity to RE NXT + automatically managing unsubscribes and comms preferences.

Data sync from NXT:

– Fields to be transferred are defined by your organization and based on a list so that you have all the information you need to make selections within Campaign Monitor.

– Selections and segmentations are made in Campaign Monitor (using the data fields synchronized) to send campaigns and trigger journeys Return marketing activity to NXT – Each Email sent will create an action record for the relevant constituent

– Opens/Clicks will be added to this action record as they occur Unsubscribe Management

– If an unsubscribe or bounce is received from Campaign Monitor this will automatically update communication preferences for the constituent – no need to manually update supporters!

Installation / Documentation

1. Log into Raiser’s Edge NXT

Log into your  Raiser’s Edge NXT account. On the menu click on Control Panel -> Applications at the top.

2. Add the application

Click the button Connect app and then enter the application Id 21f92d8c-0020-4652-9d3e-bea446bc891e and click save.

3. Contact Red Arc to complete your setup!

For full setup guide click here

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Price: From US$99/mth
Developer: Red Arc
Developer Website:
Contact: Email support
Release date: July 1, 2019
Version: 2.01

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