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Remove invalid and low-quality email addresses from your subscriber lists.


  • Ensure your list is "clean" prior to sending campaigns
  • Scan your lists and remove low-quality addresses
  • Get better delivery rates and fewer bounces


If you’ve recently inherited an email subscriber list from your team or a client, your first concern is likely how many invalid addresses are on it. Mistyped and role-based email addresses can have both a serious impact on sender reputation and cost you money – so ensuring your list is “clean” prior to sending campaigns is essential.

With Kickbox, you can verify the email addresses on your lists and eliminate bounces. Once you sign up for a free account and provide your Campaign Monitor account credentials, Kickbox can scan your lists and remove low-quality addresses. By identifying disposable, role-based, or low quality email addresses, you can get a clear picture of a subscriber list’s integrity. The result: Better delivery rates and fewer bounces, as well as peace of mind.

Kickbox features a free plan for a limited number of email addresses, as well as paid plans that cater to both on-demand and continual usage of their service. Campaign Monitor customers are also eligible to receive up to 10% off their pricing.

Installation / Documentation

Once logged in to Kickbox, navigate to the Verify page and click on Add List in the top right corner. Click on Add Integration and select Campaign Monitor.

Authenticate with your Campaign Monitor login details and select the lists you’d like to verify emails for.

For more information check out Kickbox’s support docs.

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