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Save 10% on Kickbox email verification services. Identify the good, the bad, and the ugly addresses in your email data to improve deliverability and engagement.


  • Improve campaign performance, deliverability, and engagement
  • Protect your sender reputation
  • Save money on campaigns by removing bad addresses from your list


Kickbox Email Verification offers insight into the quality and deliverability of email addresses in your campaign lists. Sending to undeliverable email addresses not only costs you money, but also harms your sender reputation–which means emails go straight to the spam folder, substantially hindering your email marketing efforts. Use Kickbox results to separate low quality leads from high-value contacts and maximize your sending power.

The easy-to-use Kickbox integration allows you to seamlessly access, import, and verify lists from your Campaign Monitor account. After verifying, customize your export to easily manage and maintain healthy lists. Campaign Monitor customers receive 100 free verification credits when signing up and a 10% discount on all Kickbox verification services.

Installation / Documentation

Once logged in to Kickbox, navigate to the Verify page and click on Add List in the top right corner. Click Connect to ESP and select Campaign Monitor.

Authenticate with your Campaign Monitor login details, and select the lists you’d like to verify by clicking Import List.

For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to integrate, check out Kickbox’s support docs.

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