Get started with a beautiful template

Every effective email newsletter begins with a pre-built, mobile ready email template to help guide where to place content for maximum impact.

Create content your audience wants to read

There are a few simple tricks that will help you create a newsletter that will be opened, read, and engaged with.

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Email Marketing - RollingStone Email Newsletter
Drive opens with a great subject line

Rolling Stone Magazine understands the first step toward creating an amazing email newsletter is to get it opened, so they use fun and exciting subject lines that inspire people to read more.

Email Marketing - Chrome Industries Email Newsletter
Generate business with compelling CTAs

Retailer Chrome Industries uses their email newsletter to drive additional revenue back to the business by guiding their readers back to their website to make a purchase.

Email Marketing - Living Spaces Email Newsletter
Send relevant, seasonal content

Living Spaces provides its audience with highly relevant content, including seasonal themed tips and tricks, such as a guide to home decorating during the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Take your newsletter to the next level

Now that you've created an amazing, actionable email newsletter, your next step is to ensure you maximize its ROI.

Broaden your audience

La Mer wants to send their email newsletter to as wide an audience as possible by encouraging signups on their website, social media sites, and in their physical stores.

Email Marketing - La Mer Email Newsletter

Experiment with different versions of your newsletter

Jaybird tests the content of its email newsletter by sending half of its audience version A and the other half receives Version B - and then moves everyone to the winning version.

Email Marketing - Jaybird Email Newsletter

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