Be strategic about the type of promotion you send

Promotional emails aren’t one size fits all, so we’ve compiled a few different options that are proven to deliver ROI back to the business.

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Email Marketing - Ryan Adams Promotion Email
Send customized offers to specific groups

Rather than blanketing your entire email list, segment it and send a targeted promotion to specific groups - such as to your VIPs - as the singer Ryan Adams did with his latest album release.

Email Marketing - GUESS Promotion Email
Send a seasonal promotion

Email open rates are highest between Thanksgiving and the New Year, so take advantage by offering something special during this time, as Guess does with its wintertime promotion.

Email Marketing - Sephora Promotion Email
Embed an offer in your welcome email

When someone signs up for your email newsletter or becomes a customer, why not include a special offer, as Sephora does by providing a unique promo code in its welcome emails.

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Get your promotional email opened

Once you’ve chosen the type of promotion you want to send, there are a few tricks to ensure your promotion performs as well as possible.

Tease your offer in the subject line

In the age of email overload, it’s critical that your Subject Line compels your reader to open the email to learn more, as skincare company La Mer does with its concise and personalized subject lines.

Email Marketing - La Mer Promotion Email

Use a time-sensitive call to action to create urgency

A promotional email’s sole purpose is to convert, so be sure your call to action is crystal clear. TopShop has a prominent CTA and even adds a deadline to create a greater sense of urgency.

Email Marketing - Topshop Promotion Email

Get started with an awesome, pre-built template

The promotional email is all about driving conversions, so start with an email template that’s already designed for you.

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