Make an amazing first impression

Take advantage of the welcome email’s incredible open rates by welcoming your customer in a professional, branded way.

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Email Marketing - Seafolly Welcome Email
Send your welcome email in real time

Seafolly realizes that their welcome email is more likely to be opened if it’s sent the moment their customer buys, when additional information about their products is gladly received.

Email Marketing - Showtime Welcome Email
Use content to efficiently onboard

Create an engaged and sticky customer base by including helpful tips, tricks, and content, as Showtime does by educating their audience about their top shows.

Email Marketing - Sephora Welcome Email
Include a compelling offer

Take advantage of the welcome email’s massive open rate by including a relevant promotion or special offer that will drive additional revenue back to the business, as Sephora does.

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Don’t stop after just one email

Once you’ve engaged your audience with the initial email, keep the momentum going with a drip series of helpful content.

Keep your brand top of mind

Birchbox follows its welcome email with a drip series including beauty tricks, makeup tips, and special offers to keep their customer base happy and engaged

Email Marketing - Birchbox Welcome Email

Test your subject line to optimize for opens

TopShop A/B tests the subject line of their welcome email to see which drives more opens - and then moves 100% of their subscribers to the winning option.

Email Marketing - Topshop Welcome Email

Every great welcome email starts with a template

Start building your welcome email with a pre-built, mobile ready email template that is guaranteed to look great on every device.

Andrew Forcier, Manager, Audience Development

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