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We’re proud to introduce “Below the Fold”, a podcast which shares unique and personal stories from female designers – spanning career challenges, cultures, creative outlets and more. Hosted by Erin Anacker, each episode provides practical advice and collaboration from a diversity of voices in the design community.

Below the Fold

Why a podcast, you may ask? While our Giving Back Program may be known for supporting events such as B&W Meet (UK) and Webstock (NZ), these last few months, we’ve been doing something a little different. As part of our commitment to supporting grassroots projects, we’ve branched out into helping creatives bring their pursuits to life. First there was Offscreen Magazine (which is a stellar read) and now, Below the Fold.

If you’re hanging out to hear a very different kind of design podcast, Below the Fold is it. It’s 0% Photoshop tips, 100% stories from the trenches – covering not only how Erin and company have overcome challenges, but used their craft to make the world a better place. Here are the first two episodes to get you started:

Episode 1: “Human size cities and the quest for creative fulfillment” – Deborah Brown


A Seattle native, Deborah Brown visited Israel during high school and didn’t really leave until after college. Her journey – from art school in Hebrew, to starting a design career in the United States, has been one that’s frequently seen change. Discussed is how she launched her design business, overcame personal roadblocks and “got over herself”.
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Episode 2: “A forgotten population” – Megan Cook


By day, Megan Cook is a designer in the sales coaching world. By night, she morphs into a professor, passionate about an unusual crowd – prisoners in an American jail. Her teaching transforms and empowers people who often have few opportunities… And as you can imagine, comes with many challenges. This episode looks into how being a smart-ass can be a strength and why teaching design fundamentals can prove to be very fulfilling.
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Giving Back to the design community

Finally, if you have a project or event that you think could really benefit from Campaign Monitor’s support, please get in touch. In the last 6 months, we’ve sponsored over 75 individual events and projects – and would love to hear about what you’re working on.

A huge thanks to Erin for putting lots of heart into this amazing project. To find out more about what Below the Fold stands for, visit her site.

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