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We’ve updated our highly-popular Guide to Responsive Email Design to show at a glance which email clients and devices support responsive design techniques.

Featuring results for 18 different email client/device combinations, our new ‘Which mobile devices can you design for?’ chart is the definitive resource for finding out whether your media queries are to be supported, or passed over by some of the most popular handsets and tablets on the market. Hopefully it will give you more confidence when testing your template builder creations, or a solid answer when a client asks if they can view the mobile version of a newsletter on their Blackberry. Jump into the guide to get in the know:

View the media query support chart

On the topic of tablets, whether emails should be optimized for displays exceeding 600px is a controversial topic, which we’ll be covering in a blog post shortly.

Joining us in the fight for more mobile-friendly email newsletters is Anna Yeaman at Style Campaign, who laboriously tested many of the devices in the chart. We highly recommend checking out their blog for tips on providing a great experience for your mobile-weilding subscribers.

Have questions about support for a specific device? Throw us your biggest curveballs in the comments below.

  • Paul

    Thanks for the guide about responsive email!
    I try your code to switch images for a TD to background images. It works perfectly in browser, but the iPhone (4s with iOS6) can’t display the background image. Are you experience the same on your side?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Paul, you’re very welcome! This is very unusual – I just tested the background image swap technique on my 4S running iOS 6 and it came out fine. We’d love for you to post your code in our forums for us to debug, however if you’re short on time, you’re more than welcome to contact our team and we’ll do our best to get this technique working. Thanks for writing in!

  • Oliver

    I used the ink framework from ZURB to create a template. I used the hide-for-small class on some elements. Unfortunately, the content is not hided on desktops, but is shown properly on small devices. Anyone out there, who can help?

  • Carissa Phillips

    Hi Oliver, there are a few places I’d recommend. First, our Forums are a great resource where you can post your code and get expert help from our community.

    Also, Zurb has both a class on Responsive Email and an active community as well.

    I hope you find the answers you need!

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