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Article first published in March 2018, updated July 2019.

Today’s marketers are more creative than ever before—they’re relentlessly launching campaigns on new platforms and finding ways to automate their efforts. However, these marketers are more than just creative. They’re analytical and data-driven, too.

If you want to succeed as a marketer, you need to be creative, analytical, and dedicated to growth. To propel your brand forward, you should be comfortable with change and able to connect well with people.

And to hit your benchmarks, you need to be analyticaltech-savvy, and good with numbers.

Digital marketing in 2019

There are currently 1,696,644,400 websites online. That won’t last for long, as the number continues to grow by the second.

Thanks to the pure oversaturation of information online, being a digital marketer means you must stay on top of the ever-changing trends, invest in the right tools, and organize a team that’s willing to put in the work to back up your brand’s marketing strategy.

Getting marketing right takes a well-rounded individual. Here are 10 signs that prove you qualify as a top-notch, data-driven marketer.

10 Signs You're a Data-Driven Marketer

1. You’re driven by analytics.

You know how to measure, manage, and analyze performance metrics for all campaigns. You track KPIs, recognize trends, and utilize data to maximize your ROI.

2. You leverage technology.

You don’t stop at using spreadsheets. Instead, you use the latest technology and marketing stack to analyze data and improve your strategy efficiently.

3. You mine social media data.

Social media channels are a way that you authentically connect with customers. Through utilizing social media analytics tools, you gain essential community insights.

4. You automate campaigns.

You don’t waste time performing tasks that can be automated. Setting up triggers based on user behavior helps you send the right messages to the right consumers at the right time—automatically.

5. You optimize for mobile.

Understanding how your users consume information is crucial, and you remember that big data is key to creating and optimizing mobile messages.

6. You track everything.

You don’t make “gut decisions.” Instead, you carefully track all marketing activities and campaigns. Data analytics and UTM code are your best friends.

7. You use data for email.

You know that email marketing has the best overall ROI of any digital marketing channel and you use that data to segment email lists, automate campaigns, and produce dynamic content, all while creating personalized messages to send to your subscribers.

8. You collect and use feedback.

Customer feedback and behavior drive your marketing decisions. You know how to collect customer feedback and implement that data to create experiences that better suit your customer’s needs, not your own.

9. You create content based on evidence,

You recognize that data, analytics, and A/B testing are all key to creating great content. Understanding what your audience responds to is essential to producing content that resonates with them.

10. You’re excited about AI.

You’re excited to learn to about the latest and greatest self-learning prediction algorithms designed for marketers.

Wrap up

Being a data-driven marketer means having to stay on top of a lot of information, all while keeping your team updated as well. Some of these critical pieces of information include:

  • Current marketing tools available
  • Current marking trends
  • Knowing your audience

Need some help staying on top of digital trends? Here’s our roundup of top digital marketing predictions for 2019.

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