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When building subscriber lists, it’s often the small things that make a big impact. So, when we saw Adii Pienaar of WooThemes and Brandiing fame using Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards to connect with his followers, we were curious – was this novel signup strategy resulting in a landslide of new signups?

When we got in touch with Adii to discuss how he was using this technique to promote his blog, “Making New Mistakes“, he immediately mentioned that he had borrowed the idea from Ryan Hoover. In short, Ryan showed that if you use Twitter and have a Twitter Ads account, you can create Lead Generation Cards, which can be attached to any tweet. These Cards can include an email subscribe form, for converting your followers into new signups. Here’s what one of Adii’s tweets and Cards looks like:

A Twitter Lead Generation Card

And today, Cabel Sasser at Panic used the same technique prior to sending out their newsletter:

Two approaches to using Cards

While Adii and Cabel have taken a very one-on-one approach to using Lead Generation Cards to promote their blogs, you can also use them as part of ongoing Twitter advertising campaigns – such as in Promoted Tweets. Either way, setup is simple and you can really have a lot of fun with your messaging. It’s also worth mentioning is that you can tag signups using our custom fields, making it easy to keep track of – and segment – who has joined a list as a result of your tweets.

But… Do they work?

Sure, this might all seem like an interesting experiment, so we checked in with Adii to see how his Cards were performing. As it turns out, using the Cards, alongside a simple, fallback landing page to manually capture leads resulted in a conversion rate of 67%. That’s pretty excellent and we’d love to know if your tweets get similar results.

A huge thanks to Adii, Ryan and Cabel for really pioneering the use of Twitter Lead Generation Cards to encourage their followers to sign up for their newsletters.

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