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Visual content is becoming increasingly more important. Having an image or icon to support your message is key to getting and retaining a reader’s attention.

The problem is, coming up with new imagery for every email marketing campaign is tough. Unless you have a design team with a lot of time on their hands, chances are you don’t have the resources to create new images for every campaign you send.

That’s where icon sites come into play.

The problem here is that there are almost too many sites to choose from. Marketers like you could spend hours going through all of the icon sites available looking for the right icon for your campaign.

So to make your life a bit easier, we spent a few hours trawling the web to find the 8 most awesome icon sites that you can use to find great icons for your email marketing campaigns.

1. The Noun Project


The Noun Project lets you search by name for the type of icon you are looking for. Icons are free to download and use if you give the creator credit for the icon, or you can pay $9.99/month for unlimited icons with no creator credit.

2. RoundIcons


RoundIcons gives you access to flat icons, doodle icons, boldicons, and more! Browse through over 8,500 icons to find the one that is right for your email marketing campaign. The pricing varies by what kind of icon you are searching for.

3. IconMonstr


IconMonstr lets you search by name or view the most popular icons by clicking on their heart icon. All icons on this site are free with no attribution required. You can even grab some of their online swag when you’re done browsing through icons.

4. Dry Icons


Dry Icons contains over 5,000 different icons across 70+ individual icon sets. Some sets, like Coquette, have over 400 different icons that you could download and use to create a consistent visual style across all your campaigns.

5. Vecteezy


Vecteezy contains over 7,000 icons from different contributors across the globe. The site has a lot of icons in really varied styles, including line icons, flat icons, cartoons and more. This helps ensure you can find something that suits the look and feel of your brand.

6. Flaticon


FlatIcon claims to be the largest database of free vector icons on the web. Icons are organized into packs and cover a wide variety of subject matter including media, management, finance, graphs, travel, fashion & more. With such a wide variety of subjects, you’re likely to find a suitable icon for even the most obscure of topics.

7. Icon Shock


Icon Shock claims to have over 800,000 icons on the site, which would have to make it one of the largest on the web. The good thing about the site is it’s very well organized and you can browse icon sets by style (flat, 3D, material, black and white, etc) and then by subject matter (accounting, business, education, multimedia, etc) which makes it surprisingly easy to find the right kind of icon for your email campaign.

8. Material Design Icons


Material Design Icons gives you a variety of icons to choose from and even lets you view the contributors to the site. Download as many icons as you need in different sizes and formats. Material Design Icons shares their icons with you for no cost.

In conclusion

Visual content is king. Using the sites above will take some stress out of creating your email marketing campaigns and content moving forward. Simply bookmark and come back to them each time you need an icon to make your message more compelling.

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