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Despite the unmistakable rise of platforms like Snapchat and YouTube in recent years, email still remains a powerhouse for marketing communication. Email marketing remains the king of the marketing kingdom with a 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent.

With people of virtually all ages using email on a daily basis, ensuring your email campaigns are as effective as possible is crucial to increase conversions and sales for your business.

But there are definitely some techniques and integrations that work better than others. Taking into account today’s ever-so competitive market, your target audience could be receiving multiple emails in the same day from companies just like yours. This means you can’t afford to send emails that don’t resonate.

If you’re looking to enhance your email marketing campaigns, you should consider the images included in your emails. If you include creative and compelling images– maybe even ones that move or change– you’re sure to get the attention of subscribers.

In this post, we share three creative ways you can wow your subscribers by using images in your emails.

1. Use countdown timers

Creating urgency is perhaps one of the most important, effective strategies you can use within your email campaigns.

After all, if your list isn’t receiving any sort of urgent incentive to complete your desired action, they’ll simply exit your email and will likely forget what they’ve read.

Countdown timers are by far one of the most popular urgent email integrations used by millions of companies—and for good reason.

Applicable to a wide variety of situations including flash sales, special upcoming events or a particular deal/discount code you may currently be offering, dynamic countdown timers are a surefire method of instantly giving your audience enough urgency to take immediate action.

Better still, you’re able to customize the type of countdown timer you specifically want to use. You can either set your timer to start as soon as the recipient opens the email, or use any formatted date merge tag that’s 100% unique to that specific subscriber.


Hugely versatile, applicable to almost any situation in which limited time is involved and opening the door for a variety of fun, eye-catching dynamic images to be created, countdown timers are an almost guaranteed method of getting your desired response out of your list—fast!

2. Show it in real-time

If you’re providing live information to your list via email, it’s essential you update this information accordingly to reflect the accurate time.

Dynamic, bold images can be used to do this effortlessly and effectively, keeping your audience in-the-know every single time they reopen your email—something they’re likely to be hugely grateful for as it saves them the task of having to find the information themselves!

Whether it’s providing accurate sporting scores, a live donation total or precisely how many purchases have been made during a particular sale, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to using real-time images.

Olympics Email Marketing with Real-Time Images

Saving your list the job of doing it themselves and ensuring they’re as up-to-date as possible is certain to not only make your emails far more valuable—but also build subscriber loyalty too.

3. Use dynamic content to personalize images

Whether in the email body itself or the subject line, personalization is undoubtedly a must-have technique you should be using if you want to get the most out of your email campaigns.

By adding some sort of personalization, you’ll make subscribers feel as if you’re speaking directly to them—as opposed to just sending out a standard email hundreds of other people will have undoubtedly received too. Not too special anymore, right?

And, with the amount of tough competition out there, you want to ensure all your emails stand out from your competitors and get the best possible reaction from your list. If your competitors’ emails aren’t personalized and yours are, it not difficult to work out which one is likely to convert.


Whether you place their name in the subject line, provide specific information regarding their previous buying habits or offer a special birthday discount code for them to take advantage of on their special day, personalization can be used for virtually any industry and any time of year—giving you the chance to get creative and test out different ideas.

Wrap up

Images are the cornerstone of an email, so you need to make them great. We’ve outlined some of the most effective, easy-to-implement email integrations guaranteed to get better results. We can’t wait to see your image-laden emails.

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