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Article first published December 2015, updated March 2019

It can be easy to forget how important each of the different pieces of your marketing structure is. Our three newest integrations can help to reinvigorate your efforts and engage your customers in different ways.

Changing it up every once in a while can give your customers a renewed sense of interest, and may target different segments of your audience base.

What is email integration?

Your marketing structure is operating on several different fronts.

Marketers often focus on growing these fronts separately, which can be a beneficial tactic, in some cases.

However, if you want to grow all areas of your marketing structure at once, it can be helpful to focus on multiple facets of the process so they can build upon one another and generate more interest in your campaign.

Email integration involves the leveraging of other aspects of your marketing structure within your emails. For instance, this could involve something like a “Share to Facebook” button.

When someone clicks this button, the content of your email will gain a considerable amount of organic views, depending on the list of friends from the sharer.

Email integration could also be referring to other aspects of an email that draw upon external sources.

In the era of connection, emails don’t have to stay emails, so it makes sense to utilize every part of the marketing machine.

They can become something more.

In the era of connection, emails don’t have to stay emails, so it makes sense to utilize every part of the marketing machine.

Source: Really Good Emails

Why do you need email tools?

Free email marketing tools can take a lot of pressure off the email marketer and achieve things that would otherwise be impossible.

It’s also a cost-effective way to get specific tasks done in a time-effective manner.

In the past, email marketers had to take care of everything themselves. However, with the rise of increasingly impressive artificial intelligence, performing large, tedious tasks can be passed on to tools.

Another useful aspect of the best email marketing tools is their ability to produce accurate metrics.

With the use of email tools, you can easily determine open rates, click rates, and revenue per subscriber, then take this information and apply it in a way that will benefit your brand.

Email tools are also less likely to make mistakes than a human. When it comes to sending out a large number of emails, you need to make sure that all of them are the same, and this is something that could easily be overlooked without the help of email tools.

How Can Email Marketing Be More Effective?


Facebook Lead Ads are one of the newest ways that you can target and engage your social media audience.

Facebook takes all of the work out of subscribing to newsletters and lists by pre-populating forms with a user’s Facebook profile information and allowing them to subscribe with a single click in the place of traditional ads.

Facebook only allows you to export these contacts as a CSV but, with LeadsBridge, you can export directly to the subscriber lists in your email service provider, such as Campaign Monitor.

Then you can create automated workflows that trigger after someone subscribes for maximum marketing efficiency.

Tidio Chat

Live chat is one of the most requested support features across companies both large and small. Customers love to speak to us in real time, whether it be over phone or chat, and Tidio makes it super easy.

With this new integration, give those same customers an option to subscribe to your lists via a checkbox on the chat form and receive updates about your product or special information pertinent to their needs.

Tidio also allows you to keep track of what pages certain customers have visited and how much they spent on each, for further segmentation purposes. Engaging customers across multiple mediums has never been easier!

Paldesk is also a popular option with WordPress users looking for an easy live chat plugin.

Nifty Images

Personalization is an excellent way to get customers feeling like you are speaking directly to them, and that they should care about what you have to say.

But, why stop at personalizing the text when you could create personalized header images with any of the custom fields you have available for your subscribers?

You can even include countdown timers. Nifty Images makes it easy to pull fully customized images right into the templates you use to build your emails and have them dynamically populate with information for each customer.

Let your customers know you care by going the extra mile and customizing each email especially for them.

Wrap up

Using emails tools is both easy and effective.

While some old-school marketers might be hesitant to hand over the reins to AI, it’s hard to pass up on the benefits of using it.

Whether you’re utilizing Facebook Lead Ads, live chat, or images, email integrations are a fantastic way to boost engagement rates and centralize your marketing structure.

Start with these 3 new integrations:

  • Leadsbridge
  • Tidio Chat
  • Nifty Images

With over 250 integrations, we make it easy for you to pick and choose what works best for you and your audience. Visit our Integrations page to see all the possibilities

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