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As busy marketers, we know you don’t have time to wade through all of the email marketing news you need to know to be on the cutting edge of shifting trends. So we did it for you.

We’ve rounded up some of the most relevant news in the world of email marketing to get your campaign planning juices flowing and to help you better execute your email marketing goals.

Email marketing news

After all, knowledge is power, especially if you want to remain in control of your email marketing destiny.

Email marketing research & insights

1. Who won cyber week email marketing?

This year marks the largest Thanksgiving shopping weekend in history. Much of that shopping was fueled by precision-executed email campaigns motivating “Buy Now” clicks and visits to physical retailers. In the heap of messages hitting inboxes, ClickZ identifies these six retailers as standouts.

Find out who they are and what you can learn from their success in this article.

2. The state of email analytics

In its inaugural release, Email Marketing Rules surveyed over 3,000 marketers to find out the top metrics being tracked, the most popular analytics tools in use, and the success metrics used to gauge various popular email marketing tactics.

Download this report to see how you compare to your competition and how you can step up your email analytics game.

3. 6 ways to harness the potential of email automation

Email automation has evolved into a must-have for successful marketing campaigns. Content Marketing Institute (CMI) presents a comprehensive overview to help you integrate automation into your marketing strategy.

CMI provides a starting point so you can begin leveraging email automation, using charts and real-world case studies.

email marketing news
Source: Content Marketing Institute

4. Are you on top of these top 2019 email marketing trends?

Understanding Ecommerce compiled a list of email marketing activities that are slated to make a big impact next year.

From technology to design to strategy, this comprehensive list will help you stay ahead of the curve. You’re sure to find inspiration from these leading trends that you can incorporate into your 2019 email marketing plans.

5. Retailers showing more respect for privacy

According to the recently released 2018 Email Marketing & Unsubscribe Audit from the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), nearly 3 out of 4 retailers rank as “Best-in-Class” for managing unsubscribes and adhering to compliance regulations.

See how you compare against other marketers and get some best practices tips.

email marketing news roundupSource: Online Trust Alliance

6. Machine learning for email marketing

Machine learning and AI are changing the way marketers target and analyze campaigns and we predict they’ll be important players for your email marketing strategy in 2019.

And for good reason: Data-driven campaigns drive higher conversions and lower costs.

Take a deep dive into the impact of machine learning on digital marketing and how it can boost the impact of your email campaigns.

7. The rise of trust marketing

Forget traditional push or pull marketing strategies, the model of trust marketing has become a new standard. Though this article focuses on an accounting industry perspective, the method easily translates across industries, especially in the day where consumers trust social media less and less.

Find out how you can take advantage of this shift to improve your email marketing campaigns.

8. Are you an email marketing superstar?

Get recognition for your blood, sweat, and tears by entering your outstanding email messages and campaigns into the 17th annual Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards.

Turn your best work into bragging rights by winning recognition in one of nine categories across 96 industries. In addition to email, other categories include mobile, video, and social media.

Review entry guidelines and submit your entries on the IAC site.

Email engagement

9. Fight email fatigue

The holidays mean higher unsubscribe rates and lower email open rates. As inboxes get flooded, users are more likely to unsubscribe or ignore your message altogether as they grow tired of sorting through an extensive amount of emails.

Digital Commerce 360 offers three essential tactics to improve open rates and boost your email campaign results during the holidays and all year round.

10. How Starbucks achieved a 21% boost in sales

Keeping subscribers engaged and spending amidst the flurry of marketing messages requires new tactics to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Starbucks employed an innovative email approach that resulted in increased purchases from their loyalty program members.

See how they did it and how you can use it cut acquisition costs in half.

11. Get a 52x ROI lift on your next campaign

New research reveals that personalization and implementing behavioral triggers in your email marketing campaigns can lead to a 52x uptick in the ROI of your emails. However, there are important caveats to consider when using new tools. See how other brands are using personalization and how you can use it to get more bang out of your email budget.

12. Test out these segmentation strategies

Sending relevant content to your subscribers stimulates and sustains their engagement with your brand. By strategically chopping up your list in new ways, you can deliver the most relevant content to your subscribers when they want it.

To help you do that, Simpli Learn compiled a list of 40 unique ways to segment your email lists to attract more eyeballs and more conversions.

13. Would your subscribers miss you in their inbox?

Seth Godin weighs in on permission marketing and its ability to kill your relationship with subscribers. Godin helps marketers understand the importance of respecting the privilege of users’ attention and offers an approach that makes readers look forward to your emails. These tips will ensure your subscribers don’t just glaze over the emails you spend so much energy crafting to perfection.

14. Using email to improve app engagement

Keep your app users engaged with email messaging that encourages repeat use. App makers have a variety of touchpoints where they can leverage email to nurture mobile app users. The Email Experience Council offers 7 proven ways to nurture app usage for new and existing mobile app users using email.

Email privacy and regulation

15. How clean are your email lists?

From typos to multiple registrations to bots, your email list may be dirtier than you think. Dirty lists can lead to wasted marketing efforts and blocked messages. Not to mention the money you have to spend to send to dead accounts.

Clean up your act with these tips and services from MarTech for better email list hygiene and improved response rates.

16. How Spotify uses its email preference center

Kick your list subscription process up a notch to reel your subscribers in from the very beginning. See how Spotify uses its preference center to ensure that they’re sending subscribers the content they want to consume while also increasing engagement and gaining valuable market research data.

You’ll find a detailed explanation of Spotify’s strategy and tactics that you can use in your own list building strategy.

email marketing news roundupSource: Chief Marketer

17. LinkedIn limits access to email addresses

If you’re a marketer who relies on leads from LinkedIn, a new privacy setting may impact your strategy. The new setting allows users to decide if their connections can export their email address. Though considered a privacy win for LinkedIn users, it may hinder on-the-ground marketing efforts for companies.

MarketingLand offers a concise look at how these changes are making email marketing news.

Email design

18. Crafting better emails

Squeeze maximum impact out of every message with the right copy and design. Forbes offers some important tips to incorporate into your email marketing creation process for improved response rates.

Find insights around creating value, testing, optimizing for mobile, and list maintenance to help you target and convert the 90% of consumers who use email on a daily basis.

19. Email subject lines that get the click

Arguably the most crucial part of an email message, the subject line is the first thing subscribers see in their inbox. Getting it right means the difference between your email being read and being ignored.

To improve your email subject line writing skills, The Ladders takes you through 7 email mistakes to avoid. Let these subject line no-nos guide you in crafting your next email message.

20. Are you committing these deadly email marketing sins?

Make an impact in the inbox by avoiding the slip-ups in SEO Hackers’ list of 8 email mistakes. The article offers email basics as well as mixing it up with some advanced approaches to go about fixing your email marketing copy.

Compare their list with your email program to ensure you’re sending emails that stimulate action and interest.

21. GIFs to boost your CTRs

Once considered unprofessional and too casual, GIFs are emerging as an easy way to add some spice to your email messages, especially if you’re targeting younger generations.  In this article, Publicate offers some background on the success of using GIFs in email marketing then follows that up with 12 examples of GIFs sure to inspire you as you create your next email message.

22. A primer for event email marketing

Building email campaigns for events requires a slightly different approach. To ensure a big turnout, event organizers need to build an email strategy that stirs excitement and interest as well as visibility for your event. The Sports Daily reveals ways to nail event email marketing, and six things to avoid.

Wrap up

Read up on these latest headlines to feel informed when you set about planning your next campaign. Staying in the know often means the difference between being in the vanguard of new trends and missing out.

We know it’s hard to keep up, so this list of resources should save you time to actually implement the many tips and tricks these articles advise. Use these resources to help you generate more successful email marketing campaigns and stay up to date as you go into the new year.

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