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In the beginning of 2018, we prepared for the changes GDPR would bring. Now, one year later, we can easily see GDPR was beneficial in many ways, especially where email marketing is concerned. In fact, we believe GDPR actually saved email marketing.

Several benefits came about thanks to GDPR, and we’re going to discuss a couple of those today.

First, we saw some great examples of updated privacy statement emails, which we’ll talk about in a bit. But before we dig into our examples, we’d like to discuss the second benefit we saw thanks to GDPR: the requirements.

Here are a few things GDPR requires:

  • Fairness when collecting personal data
  • Transparency about what you’re doing with data
  • Easy-to-understand explanations about data, terms, and privacy

This list is far from exhaustive, but it serves as an example of how the GDPR attempts to remove many of the mysterious barriers that existed between consumers and their favorite companies.

We saw honest, understandable communication with the emails that were sent around GDPR’s release. In order to update subscribers, companies sent great examples of thoughtful, easy-to-read, digestible emails.

Examples of updated Privacy Statement emails:

Want to see those examples for yourself? We’re going to discuss some of them today. Read on to see email examples of updated privacy notices.


Here’s a great example from Indiegogo right before GDPR went into effect.

Indiegogo Updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy email example - Examples of Updated Privacy notice Emails

Pro-tip: make the email digestible.

Notice how the email above is separated into short sections, so it’s incredibly digestible and scannable. This is especially important since subscribers are inundated with dozens of emails each and every day. The most important information is bulleted and bolded.

Pro-tip: provide links to pertinent information.

Another thing Indiegogo’s email does right? They link to information that’s pertinent to the email, such as the updated Terms of Use and Privacy documentation. They even go one step further and compare legal documentation, as well as Cookie Policies.

TOU and Privacy Policy email example - links to updated policies

Providing links to pertinent information is essential, because the added information enhances transparency and fairness without overwhelming the reader. By providing the necessary links, you’re giving your subscribers more control over their experience.

Pro-tip: provide an option for more information.

Give your subscribers a chance to ask for help. Direct them to your FAQs and your support team. Indiegogo does this in the email example we’ve been discussing.

Contact form for an Updated Terms of Use and Updated Privacy Policy email - How to write a privacy policy email, how to write a TOU email, how to write a privacy statement email

Notice how in this example, Indiegogo provides a link to the Help Center and a link to the Customer Happiness team. There’s even an expectation of when queries will be answered.

Read up on the facts by reviewing our timeline of major email regulations.

If you want to provide your customers with even more opportunities to learn about your company or updates your company is making, consider offering a related blog post. Then, link to the blog post in your email.

This will give subscribers resources they can bookmark and use again and again.

Read on for more great examples of updated Privacy Statement emails.


Below is an example from Glassdoor. The email provides a short intro and several digestible bullet points to explain upcoming changes.

Glassdoor email example - How to write an updated terms & privacy policy email - Great Examples of Updated Privacy notice Emails

What we love: Glassdoor links to an educational page directly on their site, giving users more information about GDPR and how it affects user privacy.


Below is an updated Privacy Policy email from Society6. The email provides supplemental links, like the opportunity to email the legal team with questions.

Society6 email example - Tips for writing updated TOU and Privacy Policy email - Great Examples of Updated Privacy Statement Emails

What we love: While Society6 doesn’t try to be clever with this email, the copy delivers well on brand tone. The email is conversational, and while it’s a dry email, it doesn’t feel too dense. We especially like the “Long story short” section, perfect for the lovers of a good TL;DR.


This last example is from Vimeo. Vimeo’s email is brief, quickly getting to the point of the message in a clean, simple format.

Vimeo TOU email example: Great Examples of Updated Privacy Statement Emails

What we love: Vimeo uses this opportunity to open with a mission statement. But instead of including a wordy explanation of the Vimeo mission, the statement is brief and segues perfectly into the updated Privacy Statement.

Want to write your own great email? Read on for our two major suggestions.

2 steps for writing a great email

1. Start with a clear subject line.

No matter the style of your brand, your subject line should be clear and concise. Ideally, the subject line will be short enough to appear on desktop or mobile.

2. Get the point across right away.

Your email can still be visually appealing, but it’s important that your visuals and copy get to the point right away.

Tell subscribers why they’re receiving the email, what changes you’ve made, and where they can see them.

Wrap up

Writing emails can feel daunting, especially in a time when privacy matters so much. But luckily, sending updates to your subscribers doesn’t have to be scary. There are plenty of great email examples you can use when sending your subscribers important information.

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