Why are we making further changes?

At Campaign Monitor we’re always listening to your feedback to ensure we’re delivering updates and features that meet your needs. 

We received lots of positive feedback when we refreshed the overview page in May. Many of you also gave us helpful feedback on further adjustments you’d like to see: 

  • Layout improvements to give you a more helpful snapshot of your recent activity 
  • Better visibility of important information such as recipient numbers, time and date data, and full campaign name (when you have a long campaign name)
  • Better compatibility with small screens (because lots of you are working from home on laptops at the moment)

We wanted to give you a heads up that changes are coming so you can let your team or clients know. 

What’s changing?

Improvements to the overview page

From 2nd August, we’re rolling out some tweaks to the overview page to ensure it’s as intuitive as possible: 

  • A single column layout for recent campaigns to ensure all important information is visible, including long campaign names 
  • Recipient numbers will be available for scheduled and sending campaigns 
  • Time and date information (e.g. sent date) will remain visible at all times (you’ll no longer need to hover over a campaign to see this)
  • New see all buttons which click through to the relevant campaign, list or automation page for more detail
  • An optimized layout for smaller desktop screens

Don’t worry, all the other features you know and love on this page will stay the same! 

We always love to hear from you, so log in and click Give Feedback to tell us what you think.

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