Consider email and your other digital platforms as separate pieces in the same marketing strategy.

We’ve already covered how you can use your other platforms to promote your subscriber list. But you should be integrating those platforms in other ways, too.

In today’s digital world, your biggest fans will—hopefully—follow you across multiple channels. So how do you use that to increase your engagement and avoid becoming redundant?


Integrate your platforms, that’s how.

Six steps to integrate:

  • The first thing you should know when developing a cross-channel campaign is who your ideal audience is and where they consume content. That way you don’t wind up spending time and money on every single platform and can instead focus on what works.
  • Once you’ve decided which platforms you’ll focus on, find out what type of content your audience consumes on each site. You not only need to send the right message, but you’ll need to do it on the right platform to really resonate with your demographic.
  • Even while you tailor your message to each platform, it’s important to maintain a consistent voice and images so customers can recognize your branding no matter where they find you.
  • Maintain overall consistency with your messaging across platforms. How you say it might change, but your message should stay the same.
  • Find ways to cross-promote: Push your email subscription list in your social media profiles, link display ads to your blog posts, etc.

For more info on integrating your email and social media, read more here.


  • While social media and email marketing are some of the easiest ways to bring in money, don’t forget about other digital marketing channels, such as display ads, paid search, content marketing, SEO marketing, etc.


So, to put that simply:

Step 1: Go where your audience is.

Step 2: Know what your audience expects from each platform.

Step 3: Standardize your voice and branding to stay recognizable.

Step 4: Tell a consistent story with your messaging.

Step 5: Cross-promote your various platforms so they can build on one another.

Step 6: Don’t forget other digital marketing channels.


And remember:

  • You don’t have to be on every platform that exists. If the majority of your audience is on Reddit, you don’t have to spend time and money on Facebook ads.
  • Email lends itself to more personal conversations and interactions while Instagram features aspirational visuals. Twitter, meanwhile, tends to be short and pithy reactions to the news or the world around us.
  • Create brand and voice guidelines that you can reference whenever you work across channels. That way you’re far more likely to remain recognizable across platforms.
  • Come up with one short phrase that encapsulates your message so you can keep your messaging consistent across platforms.

Discover why email should be the cornerstone of your holistic digital marketing strategy.


Today’s Challenge

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