Before you submit, please review this entire page to make sure that your guest post fits Campaign Monitor’s requirements.


Topics must relate directly to email marketing and complementary digital marketing channels. Examples include email best practices, data-driven marketing, A/B testing, personalization and segmentation, marketing automation, subject line ideas, design tips, email metrics, copywriting for email, common email mistakes and how to fix them, etc.


Please follow our guest post guidelines to ensure your guest post fits Campaign Monitor’s tone and provides value to our audience:

  • Original content only
  • Minimum 1500 words
  • Aimed at a B2C audience. Our audience strongly consists of marketers in retail, agencies, ecommerce sites, and more. We will send the post back to be revised if it is aimed at B2B.
  • Tone is conversational, positive, encouraging, and fit with the voice of our other blog posts. Negative examples, such as “what X site is doing wrong” do not fit our blog tone
  • Benefits of reading are spelled out in the introduction
  • Plenty of headings are used
  • Post is actionable and educational
  • Post includes multiple relevant, helpful examples including visuals. A great place to find these is our email gallery or your own inbox! You can also find examples on websites like Really Good Emails, Milled, or even Pinterest (with credit, of course)
  • All advice is backed up with research and case studies that are cited (with links)
  • Contains at least three additional links to outside sources and no more than one link back to your site max within the content of the post. Anything that comes across as “spammy” or overly self-promotional will be edited to our discretion
  • Post ends with a short conclusion section titled “Wrap up”
  • Images are high quality and are delivered in a Google Drive folder
  • Post is sent in a Google Doc with edit access provided


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