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Optimize your email content with multivariate testing that boosts ROI


  • True multivariate testing which optimizes your email content in real time
  • Increases your email engagement, deliverability, and conversion rates
  • Quick and easy to setup without an IT team


8Seconds is a multivariate testing tool which enables marketers to test hundreds of different content combinations within a single campaign or automation. This content will be optimized in real time as your subscribers open, click, and convert. Once a statistically significant content combination has been identified it will automatically be shown to all remaining recipients, ensuring that you get the highest possible click through and conversion rate.

Works with any image based content including:

  • Headlines
  • Buttons
  • Calls to action
  • Offers

Installation / Documentation

No integration is necessary to use 8Seconds. When you setup your multivariate test campaign, 8Seconds delivers a code that you need to paste in your HTML or images which you can inserted into the Campaign Monitor email builder. You send your email as usual with Campaign Monitor and 8Seconds will start optimizing your creative content automatically.

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