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Spread the word about your product or service and reward your top advocates with this all-in-one referral management app.


Managing word-of-mouth marketing campaigns can be a tricky business. Turning customers into brand ambassadors, measuring their impact and rewarding them for their efforts has long been the domain of social media and marketing experts… Until Ambassador came along.

Now, everyone can create and manage referral campaigns with this easy-to-use application. Featuring shareable signup pages, referral tracking and flexible reward schemes, it’s ideal for agencies, brand managers and anyone with an interest in driving sales via social media. For example, you can offer your most vocal customers a discount, credit, or free swag for spreading the word about your service to their friends and colleagues.

With Campaign Monitor integration, it’s also now possible to spread the reach of your referral campaigns via email. New ‘ambassadors’ can be added to a subscriber list and sent newsletters featuring unique, trackable share URLs. Ambassador also features a simple email editor for sending updates on the fly and an well-documented API for adding its functionality with your site.

Pricing starts from $99/month and scales according to the needs of your business. Current Campaign Monitor customers also get 10% off their rates for the first year, so feel free to jump on this offer!

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Price: Starts at $99/month
Developer: Ambassador
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