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Cyclr's intuitive drag and drop workflow builder lets you integrate and automate your cloud apps and services in minutes. Without writing a line of code.


  • Automate business processes with multi-step workflows that save you time
  • Build your own automation workflows and save on development costs - without code!
  • Improve & automate your marketing strategy by syncing Campaign Monitor with your business systems


Want to streamline your business processes? Looking to ensure your data is kept up to date and accessible where you need it but are struggling with available resources? Then let Cyclr give you a helping hand.

Cyclr is a cloud integration platform that can create powerful workflows and automations, without the need to write code. It is intended to be used by both developers and non-developers to solve pain points and leverage data to unlock new opportunities. Create simple automations that perform one task, such as passing data from a form to your Campaign Monitor account, or large multi-step workflows that integrate multiple applications – Cyclr is flexible enough

Combined with Campaign Monitor, Cyclr allows you to create integrations with all your essential business cloud apps, including CRMs, ticketing services, helpdesks, data capture forms, communication platforms and much more; giving you the ability to:

– Integrate Campaign Monitor services with third-party apps and services.
– Get, push, and transform data.
– Trigger actions (create task, send message, etc).
– Create multi-step workflows that automate business processes.
– Create multi-platform marketing automation campaigns.
– Automate data management tasks within Campaign Monitor.
– Streamline business processes and automate Campaign Monitor services without writing code.

With a wide range (and growing!) of applications to integrate, (including Salesforce, Oracle Sales Cloud, Pipedrive, Eventbrite, Slack, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk and many more!), you are free to create your own automation workflows in our workflow builder, use one of our own Campaign Monitor integrations or let us help you setup your own automation solutions.


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