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Advertising automation tools, connect your marketing and advertising sources to Campaign Monitor for uninterrupted workflows, lead generation, audience sync and offline conversions sync.


  • LeadsBridge automates marketing and sales flows by connecting a source (i.e., Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, landing pages) with a destination (i.e., Campaign Monitor).
  • Sync lead data from virtually any source to 370+ CRM, email marketing software or other platforms.
  • Optimize and scale the return on ad spend of all online advertising campaigns.
  • The primary goal of this automation is avoiding any manual importing task and allowing salespeople to reach leads as soon as they come in.


LeadsBridge is a workflow automation platform that helps marketers connect their marketing assets and optimizes and scales their return on ad spend of all online advertising campaigns. 

With LeadsBridge you can automate repetitive marketing tasks and avoid any flow interruption connecting your Campaign Monitor account with your favorite marketing tools. 

Custom integration capabilities ensure that any tool and/or adjustment you may require can be made available. 

LEAD SYNC; Facebook Lead Ads & LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LeadsBridge is an advertising automation tools suite that syncs leads from your sources with Campaign Monitor subscribers to your lists and segments. 

Reach those leads with the perfect timing through your Campaign Monitor email campaigns. 

Facebook Custom Audiences, Google Customer Match & LinkedIn Matched Audiences Syncs 

Create and perpetually keep your Facebook Custom Audiences, Google Customer Match and LinkedIn Matched Audiences synced with Campaign Monitor lists and segments. 

Create evergreen retargeting ads and convert your contacts showing them the perfect ad. 

Facebook Offline Conversions Sync  

Track conversions, offline transactions and feed purchase data into Facebook to help you better understand Ad performance and improve your retargeting and advertising efforts. 

Disruptive Forms 

Our native tool, Disruptive Forms, allow you to have forms that pre-fill their fields to better assist people browsing your landing pages from mobile devices with an average result of 2X collected leads.

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Installation / Documentation

How to connect Campaign Monitor with LeadsBridge

  1. Go to your LeadsBridge account 
  2. Head over to the left sidebar and click on Integrations 
  3. Click on the Add New button 
  4. Enter a recognizable name for your integration 
  5. Click on the Browse button 
  6. Select “Campaign Monitor” from the providers list 
  7. Click on the Next button 
  8. Enter API Key to connect Campaign Monitor with LeadsBridge 
  9. Click on the Finish button 

Now you are all set to create your first bridge!

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Price: Starts at $39/month
Developer: LeadsBridge
Developer Website:

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