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  • VIP offers
  • Welcome series
  • Reminders
  • Birthday offers
  • Re-engagement series

Hello Beautiful! Beauty retailer, Sephora, automatically sends a series of special offers on skincare and makeup products to their best customers once they’ve reached VIP status.

Watch the Sephora demo
Customer becomes a VIP
Choose a triggerWhen a customer reaches VIP status, trigger a customer journey. +
Customer spends over $200
Set the rulesBased on how much the customer spends, send a more targeted offer. +
Create the contentDesign unique emails that are more personalized based on behavior. +

It's showtime! Online ticket retailer,, automatically welcomes new customers with exclusive offers - like 20% off their first ticket purchase.

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Customer signs up on website
Choose a triggerWhen a customer signs up on the website, trigger a series of offers. +
Wait 3 days
Set the rulesWait for a few days before sending a second offer. +

Time for a tune up. Nissan auto dealerships automatically send new car buyers service reminders six months after their purchase - all without the painful data entry.

Watch the Nissan demo
Customer makes car purchase
Choose a triggerWhen a customer makes their first car purchase, trigger a customer journey. +
Wait 6 months
Set the rulesAfter 6 months, send a reminder email to book a service appointment. +
Did customer book a service?

Happy Birthday! Jewelry retailer, Monica Vinader, generates an offer to their customers with jewelry suggestions based on past purchases, and a special “treat yourself” message.

Watch the Monica Vinader demo
Customer’s birthdate
Choose a triggerUse your customer’s birthdate to trigger a journey on their special day. +
Born before January 1960?
Set the rulesBased on age, send a more relevant product offer. +
Create the contentDesign an email featuring products that are age-appropriate. +

Making a difference. St. Jude Children’s Hospital sends their past patrons a re-engagement email reminding them to give again.

Watch the St.judes demo
Donated in the past 6 months
Choose a triggerIf someone has donated in the past, trigger a journey to re-engage. +
Did they donate again?
Set the rulesSend a different email based on if a new donation was made. +
Create the contentCreate a more direct message based on participation. +

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