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At one time or another, you’ve probably wondered if you could send out a form in an email.

But then you may have hit the wall because you didn’t know how to do it, or you had “send fear” because you may have heard that forms don’t work in email and you just decided to skip it all together. You’re not alone.

We’ll answer the most common questions about using forms in your emails right now!

Chapter 1

Online forms in email

You’ve likely encountered forms all over the web when signing up for an email list, making an online purchase, or providing feedback about a recent customer service experience or product purchase.

And while online forms are commonplace on websites, blogs, and landing pages, they aren’t so common in emails and there’s a reason why.

Chapter 2

What’s the challenge with using forms in email?

Forms are important because they are a secure way (when done correctly) to share important data from subscribers and customers with your company.

The challenge is that a form in email is not secure and even if you have some way of making it so, the email clients your subscribers are using may see the form as a security risk and pop up an alert to the subscriber which can discourage him or her from completing it. This is one of the main reasons we recommend not using forms in your email campaigns.

Chapter 3

Alternatives to using forms in your email marketing

As we’ve mentioned, for a few reasons, using forms in email campaigns can be a slippery slope. While some email clients will warn your subscribers of potential danger, others outright disable the forms. So if you want to send out a form in your email be aware that some recipients won’t be able to use it. And of those that may be able to see the form, they might think twice about submitting data when they see a warning from their email client.

You don’t want this to happen to your subscribers do you?

using forms in email

Online form solutions

Some great online form solutions include:

Given the sporadic support for forms in emails, we recommend linking to your form which is hosted on a page of your website or a landing page rather than attempting to embed it in your email. This is the most reliable solution to using a form with an email message. Your subscribers will be able to use it, and as a result, the number of people who complete your form should increase.

Chapter 4

Wrap up

By using the tips and tactics outlined here, you can ensure your forms are filled out and completed.

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