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8 minute read time

Ultimate Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2022: By Industry and Day

We analyzed over 100 billion emails sent from across the globe during the past year....

16 minute read time

How to Plan Your Email Marketing Strategy for 2022

Learn how to run an email campaign from start to finish.

11 minute read time

What Mail Privacy Protection Means for Email Marketing

Everything you need to know about Apple's Mail Privacy Protection feature.

5 minute read time

The Campaign Monitor Experience: Improved

A good experience made even better, thanks to you

7 minute read time

An Agency’s Guide to Email Marketing

A comprehensive guide to email marketing for agencies.

16 minute read time

How to Build an Email List: A Complete Growth Guide for 2022

A two-step process to build your email list.

6 minute read time

A Publisher’s Guide to Personalization

Everything publishers need to know about personalizing content for their audience.

6 minute read time

Better Design at Your Fingertips With Free Image Gallery

Access beautiful, high-resolution images directly from the Free Image Gallery, in our drag-and-drop email builder

6 minute read time

Everything You Need to Know About the Ultimate Salesforce Email Integration

Learn about the intersection of Salesforce and Campaign Monitor

14 minute read time

Getting Started with Customer Journeys

Learn what marketing automation is and see the 5 automated emails you can start sending...

9 minute read time

Getting Started with Campaign Monitor’s Top Integrations

Elevate your email strategy with these integrations.

4 minute read time

Collaborate with Tags in Campaign Monitor

Stay organized and efficient with campaign tags.

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