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Lead capture pages are pages on your website, blog, or even social media accounts, that are designed to draw your audience into a given sales funnel or campaign that will convert a subscriber into a customer.

Traditionally, lead capture pages were a specific landing page that marketers would funnel their audience to, and, while that is still true, these pages can be found on a variety of different sources besides a traditional landing page.

What is a lead capture page?

Lead generation is the marketing process that focuses on gathering potential customer information without the pressure of an instant sale.

Lead capture pages are an excellent source for digital marketers because they allow them to capture valuable customer information, such as their email address, and insert them into a sales funnel that will ideally convert them from a prospect to a customer.

A prospective customer is very unlikely to make a purchase during their first interaction with the company. This is why it is essential to have a lead capture page because it allows you the opportunity to gather information with the expectation that the audience member will get something of value in return. This can be anything from promo codes for joining a subscriber’s list or a free download of some sort.

How do I measure the effectiveness of a lead capture page?

There are a variety of ways to measure the overall effectiveness of a lead capture page, and they will vary even more depending on the type.

For example, some lead capture pages begin with an email campaign, so you’ll want to monitor things such as the overall open rate and the click-through rate of your emails.

Another way to measure the effectiveness of a lead capture page is to monitor the overall conversion rate. This can be done using any of the many analytic tools available. The goal is to track what is getting users from potential customer to paying customer. Is it a personalized email getting users to make the plunge? Is it an offer from a social media ad?

Find what works best by monitoring the conversion rate across your digital channels.

Find what works best by monitoring the conversion rate across your digital channels.

Source: Campaign Monitor

CRM tools

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are vital for any business, especially for those with multiple campaigns trying to drive potential customers down the sales funnel.

CRM tools help to take the leads generated from your various lead capture pages and put them into one easily managed place.

From here, brands can monitor a variety of different factors, such as leads generated from email campaigns.

From here, brands can monitor a variety of different factors, such as leads generated from email campaigns.

Source: Campaign Monitor

Do lead capture pages really matter?

Yes, lead capture pages matter.

To keep the sales funnel full, marketers need to be continually adding new leads into the funnel.

Without having a lead capture page on a website or social media channel, there is no way to collect the information that is needed to fill that funnel continually.

You can’t expect your audience to purchase if you aren’t guiding them in the right direction.

What now?

With 77% of Americans online daily, it is vital to reach your audience where they are. This is true because not everyone spends their time surfing google for a web page, and others may simply refuse to use Facebook.

Therefore, it is essential to choose your digital channels carefully. Those online are getting their information from a variety of channels, including but not limited to:

  • Social media stories
  • Chatbots/Artificial intelligence
  • Personalized Email
  • Videos

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