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Email marketing offers many insights and is a field built on statistics. To know exactly how email campaigns are doing among certain demographics, it helps to have mailing lists segmented into more targeted groups.

There are many ways to do this, but one of the most popular is by gender. Whether done to test the efficiency of a campaign among each gender or to promote specific products or services, email campaigns can be gender-focused.

What is email segmentation?

Email segmentation is the process of dividing up your mailing list into specific groups. It’s been proven to help boost reader engagement in multiple ways.

When you need to segment your email list, you may be required to do so with limited information. There are a few ways you can go about this, and you can segment your mailing list with only the email addresses themselves as your starting point.

3 approaches for how to segment your email list

You want to segment your email list by gender but, right now, all you have are the email addresses of your recipients. To get started, here are a few methods for segmenting by gender when you’re working with addresses alone.

The first step is a practical one: simply ask your recipients how they identify. It’s fine to send out an email asking your mailing list what category they fall into. Just let them know it’s designed to help you help them and that, with better segmentation among your email list, you can create a more personalized and satisfying experience.

The next step you can take is to create customer personas. As you exchange messages with your mailing list, you may slowly find out more about each individual on it. As you do, it helps to log this information into personas.

The final way is actually an extension on the second entry. Rather than segmenting your list manually, rely on tools to do it for you. There are many email tools available that can easily sort your list by any of the fields mentioned above, including gender.

Does it matter? Why should you segment your list?

Knowing how to segment a marketing campaign is important and can offer a large number of benefits. Creating segments within your email list concentrates your marketing efforts to bring a greater amount of success.

Email marketing is still a massively successful tool. Just last year, it edged out social media marketing and SEO to rank as the most effective digital marketing technique.

Over 35% of respondents rated email marketing as a good channel for promotion.

Imagine how much more successful your email marketing could be if you segment your campaign for more efficient targeting and a more personalized approach to campaign creation.

The stats show segmented campaigns are hundreds of times more successful. Whether you’re using tools to segment your mailing list or you’re taking the old-fashioned approach of just asking your responders, you have a lot to gain from segmentation.

When you know how to segment your email list, you can create more precise demographics to focus on, gain a greater insight into which groups are contributing to your metrics’ growth, and much more.

What now?

Email segmentation is something that everyone with a sizable mailing list should consider. Once you’ve segmented your email list by gender, you have a few opportunities. You can create campaigns for these specific groups, or divide your mailing list further into even more groups.

There are plenty of opportunities you can use to segment your mailing list. Once you get comfortable with the idea of dividing up your list, you can get more accurate metrics and better returns as a result.

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