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Promotional emails are a weapon in every email marketer’s arsenal. They are a way to communicate directly with the consumer to entice them to make a purchase. The more people who engage with your email, the more revenue your efforts will bring in for your company.

However, promotional emails are more than just a product image and discount offer. Read on to better understand how to create the best promotional email templates for your audience.

91% of people want to receive promotional emails.

Always think about mobile customers first

You’re building your emails on a desktop so it’s understandable that you’ll want to make that version look as good as possible. However, the majority of your customers might be seeing something totally different.

Many emails are now being opened on mobile devices. If you aren’t designing your promotional emails with a mobile-first mindset, you might be missing out on a good portion of your customers. In fact, poorly formatted emails are deleted within three seconds at least 70% of the time.

At the very least, build your emails with a responsive layout so they are optimized for whatever device and email provider your customers use.

Use an inverted pyramid design

When laying out your promotional email template, you need to draw your readers’ attentions to your CTA button. The best way to accomplish this is by using an inverted pyramid design.

The top of your email should have a compelling image or headline that immediately catches the eye of your reader. Beneath that, you’ll want a small segment of copy or another image that’s narrower than the feature above. Lastly, you’ll put your CTA underneath so your email has the flow of an upside-down pyramid.

You can make your whole email short so it follows this style, or you can incorporate many variations throughout a longer email to achieve the same results.

Your email service provider should have pre-made promotional email templates that you can follow to build a great-looking email with inverted pyramid style. Campaign Monitor’s email builder even features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool.

How Do I Create Promotion Email Templates?

Source: Campaign Monitor

How to measure promotional emails

You’ll use the same basic metrics to measure your promotional emails as you would any other email in your digital marketing strategy.

Pay close attention to your click-through rate and click-to-open rate, which will both show the engagement rates that the subscribers had with your emails.

These emails are heavily focused on sales, so you should also track your total ROI. This will give the best indication of your campaign’s success. Remember, the average email has a 4,400% return on investment.

Your open rate is important to know, but it will be largely determined by your subject line and segmented audience, so it won’t reflect how well your promotional email template is.

Does it really matter?

Promotional emails are an incredible revenue driver for your business. The better your email performs, the more money you stand to earn from the campaign.

To get the most engagement, you want to make sure your promotional email template is designed to help drive conversions right away. These templates are powerful tools to help turn prospects into customers or encourage repeat customers to purchase again.

What now?

Now that you understand why promotional emails are important, as well as a few ways to create templates to entice your customers to make a purchase, you can evaluate your current promotional email strategy and optimize to improve engagement and interest.

You might also want to rethink the templates on your other marketing emails as well. You’d be amazed at how simple design changes can improve your email newsletter.


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