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There are 2.77 billion social media users in the world, and that number keeps growing daily.

While social media was created to bring family and friends closer together, marketers are also successfully using it to get closer to their customers and marketing goals.

What is a social media campaign?

Social media refers to all the online communications channels (websites) dedicated to community-based interaction. This can be in the form of content creation, sharing, and collaboration.

A social media campaign is a marketing strategy in which you use different social media platforms to interact with your customers and prospects.

In the US, 95% of 18-34-year-olds say they would follow a brand on social media

How to measure and track a social media campaign

In order to determine the progress and effectiveness of a social media campaign, you first need to define your goals. These, in turn, will help you set your key performance indicators (KPIs).

For example, if the goal of your social media campaign is brand awareness, your KPI can be the number of impressions your posts receive on your social platforms.

In order to keep track of your metrics, you will need to use an analytics tool that tracks how your followers engage with your content.

What are the benefits of social media for marketers?

According to Social Media Examiner, 96% of marketers use social media as part of their marketing strategy. What benefits does your business draw from social media?

Brand awareness

By having a strong presence on social media, you increase the chances of your brand’s popularity increasing.

Customer care

Many customers are now resorting to tagging brands in comments in order to get some information, express dissatisfaction, or simply to give them a shout out for a job well done.

Many customers are now resorting to tagging brands in comments in order to get some information, express dissatisfaction, or simply to give them a shout out for a job well done.

As a marketer, you will need to ensure that your business’ social media account is active in order to meet your customers where they are and serve them on their channel of choice.

Promoting a product or service

Social media is also a great place to promote your product or service. You can do this by paid promotions or organically by simply asking your followers to share your post with their friends.

Elements of a great social media campaign

Having seen the wonderful benefits of social media marketing, you may be wondering what goes into making a good social media campaign. The following tips will help:

Optimize your profile

What does an optimized social media profile look like?

  • Have a clear yet compelling bio
  • Use relevant images for the header and “headshot”

Have a set goal

Don’t be on social media for the sake of being on social media. Define your purpose and goal of investing in social media marketing.

Choose your platforms wisely

In order to know which platform to use, you will have to know where your audience spends most of their time. For example, if you’re a B2B business, your audience is most likely to be found on LinkedIn.

Create platform-specific and relevant content

Make sure you create and curate content that’s platform specific, relevant, and engaging. This will encourage your audience to share it with their friends.

Post strategically

Your social media platform is not a place to promote your products every minute. Don’t bombard your followers with promotions; give them valuable content.

Keep track of analytics

Use inbuilt or paid add-on analytics dashboards to track your performance.

Does it really matter?

Marketing has shifted from traditional invasive means. Technology has taken over and has given consumers the power to choose the content they want to consume and the platforms they want to consume it from.

This is why it matters for you to have a solid social media presence and know how to run an effective social media campaign.

What now?

If you haven’t started harnessing the power of social media in your marketing campaigns, now is the time to start finding out which channels your audience loves. Don’t just stop there; open some accounts and start interacting with your customers where they are.

For more tips, check out our article on how to combine email and social media for a more impactful campaign.

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