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When it comes to marketing, you don’t just have to send out email campaigns that describe your products and offers. You can convert many leads into sales by adding value to your subscribers using an email course.

These are fun ways to engage with your subscribers while also displaying your skills in the industry.

What are email courses and why should you have one?

Mixing up your content strategy is a great way to generate new leads. If you’re new to email marketing, you may want to attend a course before getting started. For marketers experienced in content delivery and looking for a new strategy, offering a course can help increase subscribers.

Email courses are sequential emails that teach the subscriber something. It can take any form you want. If your products have advanced features, you can add tips and tricks to a campaign. Similarly, you can use these emails to investigate trends, make recommendations, or position yourself as a trustworthy brand in your sector.

“One of the best ways you can convince someone you can help them is to actually help them.” – Frank Kern

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Keeping content fresh is an issue every marketer will face at some point. Instead of just rehashing old content into new templates, images, and text, you can decide to do an info-series of emails. You may want to collaborate with industry experts as guests, unpack your company’s latest research, or provide in-depth instructions on how to use your platform.

An email course can also increase your subscribers. If a subscriber sees value in the content you’re providing, they’ll likely share it with their colleagues. This makes email courses a great way to change up your content strategy while creating more value for your brand or company.

How can you create an email course?

Email courses are easier to create than you may think: It all starts with understanding your list subscribers and knowing you can add value to their jobs or lives. Whether you market to other businesses or consumers directly, you’ll need something your leaders will want to know more about. Here are five steps to creating an email course for your subscribers.

1. Find a problem customers want to overcome.

You’ll need to find an area your customers want to learn more about or understand better. This will differ between industries, products, or services. Once you know that, you can start framing the problem.

2. Create an outline of the topic.

The goal is to provide information that helps your subscribers understand the problem and how they can overcome it. Create an outline for the entire series of emails and then frame each email to address a specific subject relevant to the topic.

3. Create teachable moments and scenarios.

Use context to explain problems in each email. Do the required research before creating the series of emails. Once you have enough notes, input from experts, and a way to frame the problems, you can start designing the content.

4. Design a dedicated landing page for the email course.

Using a landing page before the series starts can help you to get students for your course. You may use regular marketing emails to inform your list of availability. Ask your subscribers to share the course details with everyone they think may benefit from the content.

5. Promote the course and improve the content as required.

Courses don’t have to become obsolete once you’ve delivered them. You can keep improving by requesting feedback from the first group of students and updating the content as new research becomes available. This will make the course an evergreen resource.

How to measure the success of your email course

You’ll want to keep track of how many signups you receive from your existing subscribers. The more people find value in the content, the greater the signups will be. Creating a course that automates delivery can improve your subscriber rates and increase conversions, and, if you use a platform like Campaign Monitor, you can keep track of these increases using the available metrics.

Does it really matter?

Keeping content fresh and engaging is vital for gaining new subscribers. You’ll want to ensure you add value to your current list members while prompting them to share your content with as many people as possible. An email course is a great way to switch up your marketing strategy.

What now?

Email courses help show your subscribers that you value them. It also helps generate new leads while showing you’re a trusted authority in your industry. To create an email course, you’ll need to find out what your subscribers want to know more about, then deliver content that adds value to them.

Seeing as you understand how valuable an email course can be, why not start with Campaign Monitor’s email marketing course here?

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