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In marketing, your brand needs anything that can give you an edge. Firms are starved for time in today’s fast-paced business environment, and the pressure to create growth keeps increasing.

Here’s what you need to know about B2B marketing automation and how it can help your business grow faster.

What is B2B automation?

One of the hottest tools available for B2B marketers today is marketing automation.

You can get customers more engaged with ease by automating many of your personalized messages. All of this frees up time that you can spend taking care of more important tasks.

In the past, B2B marketing automation was almost exclusive to larger firms with deep pockets. Luckily, B2B marketing automation has become easier to access as it becomes more affordable.

But be warned: Don’t apply high-pressure sales techniques in your messages sent via B2B marketing automation. The object of marketing automation is nurturing potential clients to grow a relationship. Bombarding them with aggressive sales tactics will have a negative effect. The concept follows the more modern line of thought in marketing that calls for growing relationships and exercising transparency.

How to measure the success of B2B automation

As a rule, when measuring the success of your B2B marketing automation efforts, you’ll want to pay close attention to key metrics. Use standard email marketing metrics like click-through and open rates. Run the numbers against previous statistics from before you started using b2b marketing automation.

Fifty-five percent of B2B firms are already using marketing automation.

When it’s being used most effectively, you can automate the most routine and repetitive tasks. You can increase your conversions dramatically by using B2B marketing automation to nurture potential client businesses with personalized messages. Many of these are messages that you’d be otherwise unable to send for lack of time.

You know how long your email lists are and how many clients you work with every day, which means you know how difficult it is to keep up with them all. That’s what’s so essential about B2B marketing automation. It enables your brand to cover more ground and be much more agile.

Does it really matter?

The importance of B2B marketing automation is clear to marketers who are frustrated with common limitations. There’s never enough time, and resources, no matter how robust, can often feel like too little.

With B2B marketing automation, you can get more done faster, and at a lower cost. The cost savings are especially evident if you factor in how much more expensive it is to do the same tasks manually. The hours of work involved add up to enormous costs.

As you know, cutting costs is one of the easiest ways to increase efficiency. The amount of money you’ll save with B2B marketing automation will have a serious impact.

You’ll also see a significant difference in productivity levels and be able to automate the delivery of targeted messages like this to key clients.

You’ll also see a significant difference in productivity levels and be able to automate the delivery of targeted messages like this to key clients.

Source: Campaign Monitor

The ability to automate the delivery of messages like these is a serious advantage that’ll ultimately help your brand grow.

What now?

Now that you’ve learned about the advantages of B2B marketing automation and what it can do for your brand, it’s time to apply it. Be sure to keep up with the latest trends in marketing automation with Campaign Monitor.

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